A Fair Affair!

It was this time last year that Dominic and I were at the LA County Fair together and he was “pushing” an imaginary stroller around. He positioned his hands as if they were holding on to the handle and he’d turn it back and forth through the fairgrounds. I was almost 2 months pregnant then and Dominic couldn’t wait for the year to pass for us to return, with child. He had been going to the fair since he was a kid and since we’ve been together, we’ve been going together each year, too. We went last weekend with 4 other families (total of 8 adults, 4 kids, 1 toddler and 2 1/2 babies *one’s still in the belly). It was crazy hot but we still managed to stay from 11am to 8pm. Others from our crowd stayed even later for the free concert.

Anyways, this day was a “bucket list” moment for Dominic…taking his kid to the fair. Next year she’ll be walking and we’ll all have a completely different experience. Can’t wait.

Look, honey…no more “imaginary” stroller!  This is as real as it gets, pal!             week22 393    week22 405

week22 400

This is one of Dom’s top favorite food trucks. I’d have to agree that it’s pretty dang good.

week22 404

We shared their pastrami sandwich, which also has french fries, cole slaw and a secret yummy sauce inside.

week22 409

Fair food is funny. So are Jon and Noelle.


She made a great attempt to finish this, but it looks to me like it’s bigger than her stomach! week22 414

How super awesome cool is this?! One of those is a “Zonkey” too. Zebras are my favorite land animal so I was pretty stoked to check these guys out.  week22 469

I want one.

week22 478

week22 481


She loves riding in her stroller like this, standing and facing the direction in which we’re moving.


Daddy Dom kept baby Mia cool by keeping her hat wet with cold water (which explains this crazy hair) and by hydrating her with his CamelBak pack.

I want one of these, too.

More ridiculous fair food. A giant block of fries, drenched with fat and topped with more fat.


I had a similar reaction when I saw it, too.

Jamison. Such a handsome boy. Mia’s future BF?? ;)


I love these 2.


When the sun goes down, all the bright lights come on. It’s like she was at a whole other fair. She was mesmerized by it all.


Noelle, Chase and Madison flew down the slide. This looks like so much fun.

Get a load of this adventurous young lady. She’s only 6 years old and she took off down the zip line. She’s definitely her mother’s daughter.



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  1. Minu now at austria says

    Mia has a tooth misty?????

    • I just had a moment of \”don\’t tell me you found one before I did?!\” ha. No, but I see the pic where you might think so and I didn\’t notice that before. It\’s just a little shine or light reflecting in her mouth. NO TEETH YET :)

  2. How much fun!!!

  3. Haha! These are great!!! LOVE the shot of Mia's face two above her drinking out of the camelpak! Too cute!! And of course Jamison and those fries!!! He LOVED them!! Such a fun day even with the heat and glad we were there for Mia's first fair adventure!!!! :)

  4. Looks like fun! Miss Mia is so cute!

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