A Gender Neutral Wish List for Baby #2

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I’d like to start off by pointing out that this list is my personal “wish list” for items that I’d like and love to have for baby #2. This is not one of those “newborn essentials” or “necessities” lists. I have an almost 3 year old so I already own a lot of the crucial items a new parent would need with a newborn (car seat, crib, pack n play, monitor, swing, bouncer, swaddle blankets, etc.).

A few of these products are replacement items for things I did have but either lost or trashed from wear and tear. Others are items that would just make life with a newborn a little easier (and prettier). Also, these items are all gender neutral since we are waiting to find out the sex of our baby until birth.

Check out the loot that I’ve got my eyes on this time around and read about why they made the cut. You’ll also be introduced to some Etsy shops that I stumbled upon in my search for baby items. I like to try to support handmade items when I can, especially when they’re affordable which I think everything on my list is.

I’m not personally familiar with each and every product on my list (some, yes) so if you have experience with it (good or bad), please comment and dish out the details. Suggestions, tips and other personal advice are widely welcome as well. Don’t be shy. Okay so here it is, my official gender neutral wish list for baby #2:

1. Munchkin Nursery Projector & Sound System: After reading reviews on pretty much every soothing noise maker for babies, I’ve settled with this one. All of them have a combo of positive and negative reviews and this one is no different. What I like is that it includes a projector and it’s very affordable. I figure if I’m going to spend money on a product like this that has a decent amount of negative reviews, I might as well spend less money on it since they all apparently have the potential to break down (according to reviews). With Mia, I put a rainforest soother (like this one) in her crib, but the sounds turned off too quickly (she wasn’t the easiest sleeper). I also didn’t like that she had access to turning it off/on because she’d do so in the middle of the night and stay awake to watch it. She ended up becoming too dependent on it and when the thing would run out of batteries, she’d throw a fit until we were able to replace them (which wasn’t easy or fast!). I’d love to give this Munchkin product a try with the new baby.

2. 3-pack Bodysuits: I chose neutral colored pieces since we don’t know the gender of our baby. I think these are really simple and sweet and will match with most colored bottoms, booties and other baby accessories. I think it’s important to note (especially for first time parents) that newborns basically live in simple onesies/bodysuits like these for at least the first month. I remember with Mia, picking out all kinds of adorable dresses and more detailed outfits in a newborn size, but they ended up getting such little use. You’re constantly changing diapers so dressing the baby in something simple and soft is really important. Plus, their skin is so delicate that I didn’t want to dress Mia in anything but the softest cotton. Advice: save those adorable dresses, outfits and multi-piece sets for older sizes, like 3-6 months and up.

3. Large Tummy Time/Play Mat: I have to admit that my home’s floors are dirtier than I’d like, more often than I’d like. It’s not easy cleaning up after 2 big dogs, cats, a toddler and a husband that tracks in dirt most days with his work boots (in landscaping/pond biz). I’m one woman and can only do so much, you know? Because of this, having a thick and large play mat for the baby to lay on, roll around on (eventually) and practice tummy time on is definitely a must around here. I like the size of this one, it will grow with my baby for a long time. I also think this print and color combo is not only perfect for a baby who’s gender is unknown but it also seems like it could be fitting for many home color schemes because of how simple and neutral it is.

4. Plated’s Food Delivery: Any parent with a newborn can tell you how much they don’t look forward to the chore of preparing dinner each evening. It often gets skipped and take-out/drive-thru becomes more regular in the first few weeks after returning home. Of course, having friends bring you pre-made meals is ideal but you can’t necessarily count on that (I don’t remember anyone bringing us food other than my mom, who lived close by at the time and makes bomb homemade anything). Plated is a company that has a weekly menu online for you to choose from and they mail you the ingredients and directions for your chosen meals in a matter of a few days. What I love about their menu is that every dish I’ve ever seen on their website is unique and unlike anything I’ve ever made for myself. I love food so their menu is always really appetizing to me. Yes, this still requires a bit of work for you because you do have to cook it all, but at least you don’t have to leave the house to go to the store/fast-food and the food itself tastes great and is much healthier and better tasting than fast food! And with step by step instructions (pictures included), you can’t really screw these meals up. If it sounds like I’ve tested their product before, it’s because I have. I was sent (a year and a half ago) the ingredients for 2 different meals and they were amazing. I’d definitely order from them again and I actually plan to when our baby arrives. Check out my full review of their service RIGHT HERE.

5. “Just Born” Bodysuit: I think this is such a cute little bodysuit to use in our gender announcement photo of our baby while we’re in the hospital. Clearly, this is a gender neutral piece but I’ve already purchased 2 infant beanies…one for a girl and one for a boy. They would pair up nicely with this item (which I haven’t purchased yet, btw).

6. Crocheted Baby Booties (in teal and grey): It doesn’t get any cuter than these. I’ve actually received these already for a product review for the Etsy shop, Simply Crafting Away. The shop carries a great variety of other affordable booties along with headbands, plush animals and a few other miscellaneous items. I can’t wait to try these on my baby. They’re so soft and are sure to keep his/her toesies warm and snug. Prepare yourself for adorable, newborn photos including these booties along with my full review of them in mid/late April.

7. Whale One-piece: Of course, after I put my image collage together…this item sells out over at Gap! I think this whale piece is the cutest but since it’s no longer available (and I don’t feel like going through the trouble of recreating my collage), here are links to 3 other one-pieces from Gap that are very sweet, gender neutral and perfectly simple and soft for any newborn: ONE, TWO, THREE.

8. Modern Wrap: So I’m a little bit obsessed with this new company that makes the most darling and chic carrier wraps for baby. I especially love this spotted wrap in black and white, which is currently backordered. I follow this company on Instagram (Here), and the images they share of real moms using their product have me hooked and really wanting one of my own. I hardly carried Mia in a wrap or carrier when she was a baby and it’s something I intend to do with baby #2.

9. Koi Diaper Changing Pad: If you know my family, then you know how perfect this little pad would be for us. My husband owns a pond company and works with ponds and Koi on a daily basis. Not only does this changing pad feature a koi fish print, but the colors are gender neutral (at least I think so). I think every new parent could benefit from a changing pad. I used one for Mia but I think we lost it over the years and are in need of something new. They’re great to lay down on any surface for those countless diaper changes that occur at any place and/or time, keeping the baby comfortable and clean.

10. “Rad Big Sis” Tee: How can I not include something for Mia in this roundup?! I love this hip little shirt that she can wear to the hospital the day her little baby sibling is born. And….probably every day after that for at least a few weeks. Okay, every other day. She’s so proud of becoming a big sister and this is a fun way to announce that to the world and to celebrate her new role in life.

11. Sleep Robe and Gown: Here we have another item that has sold out since I made this list only a few days ago! I searched all over the internet for an affordable nursing nightgown and robe set or pajama set and MAN are these expensive! I don’t get it, they’re pajamas made from simple cotton and have an easy access flap to the boob for baby. There’s nothing fancy about what I found but for whatever reason, the majority of it all ranged from $50 and up (unless something was on sale). This particular set I listed was on sale I believe, and since it’s gone here are a few other similar pieces: ONE, TWO. Lucky me, my mom just purchased a set for me the other day and is mailing it out soon.

12. Wubbanub: Love these! I used one for Mia but it was a monkey. She loved it and had such an easy time holding onto her paci at such a small age because it’s attached to the little stuffed animal. Once she got older and we weaned her off of the paci, we cut it from her monkey because she still loved it and wanted to hold onto it. This elephant is perfect for either gender and is a must-buy for our baby #2.

13. Changing Pad Cover: If you have a changing pad (which we already do from Mia), then you’ll need a cover. The one I listed here is really cute and completely gender neutral. However, I think for this item I’d like to wait to see what gender our baby is before purchasing one. I’m just a big fan of this Etsy shop (ModFox) and I love their selection of baby items. If we have a boy, I’d chose THIS cover. If it’s a girl I’d chose THIS cover.

14. Timi & Leslie Diaper Bag: I spent a good amount of time searching for the ultimate diaper bag. Wow, there are so many out there, it’s really hard to choose just one. But, if you don’t have a money tree growing in your backyard, you’d have to pick only one. For me, I’ve narrowed it down to this Dawn 7-piece diaper bag set in caramel. It retails for $149.99 which I think is a great deal since it also includes: a zippered sac to put away soiled cloths, a stylish clutch you can use as your purse, an insulated bottle tote, matching stroller straps to hang it from your stroller, a specially designed changing pad, a cross body, adjustable, detachable strap to wear the bag hands free and of course, the bag itself. It really seems like the makers of this bag thought of everything a new parent would need on-the-go. The best part is that it’s also very attractive and fashionable so you won’t have to carry around your purse as well…which is what I ended up doing with Mia because I chose a cheap and unattractive bag with her. The other great benefit from choosing a bag that you really love is that you’ll get so much more use out of it, even after the baby no longer needs a “diaper bag”. Then it just turns into the toys, snacks, games bag or mom’s new photography/camera bag or simply your new purse. I’d love to tote this bag around with baby #2 (hint, hint Daddy Dom!).

15. Baby Leggings – I’ve seen similar leggings as these, all over my Instagram feed and Pinterest, but they always end up costing an arm and a leg for some reason! I just can’t get myself to spend $30 on leggings that my baby will only fit in for a few months. That’s why I had to include these leggings because they’re just as cute and sweet but half the price! Leggings are a total necessity for babies and toddlers because they’re easy to get on and off for changings and are so soft and comfortable for the kid to move around and play in. This Etsy shop (Dream Elephant) has a lot of other really cute selections that are affordable as well, check them out.

16. Duffle Bag: “The Pike” is the perfect bag for my hospital stay. This item is listed in my “wish list” because I’m in need of a good sized weekender or duffle bag and since baby #2 is coming in about 6 more weeks, I figure it’s perfect timing to start looking for one…for the hospital stay, of course.

*BONUS ITEM:  Burp Cloths: I’ve got plenty of these bad boys which is why I didn’t include them in my wish list. But if I didn’t have them, I’d totally check out the this Etsy shop (Momista & Pop Shop) for their hand sewn, super cute products! See what I did there? Shamelessly plugging away at my personal Etsy shop…don’t mind if I do :)

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  1. I absolutely love this list & applaud & thank you for it! I’m not expecting, but people think I’m weird when I say I don’t want to know the gender until the baby is born! I love this list! ☺️

  2. Love 13 and 16! I had #1 but the picture thing stop moving after a couple months :( So I boguht a 2nd one and it did it again! Then I tried a different brand altogether… and that one did too so I just gave up haha

    • Ugh, bummer! That’s totally what I figured would happen. So for me, the price is right with this one if it’s just gonna conk out on me in a few months. You would think SOMEONE could figure out how to create a quality product by now. Bleh.

  3. I totally need to get my Penelope a Wubbanub! I have some gift cards from my shower so that’s one thing I’d like to get.

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