A Mommy Share: Color Blast magic picture books

Have ya’ll heard of these Color Blast books? We discovered them a few months ago and let me tell you, they’re a game changer. They’re a perfect art product for your toddler to use. My daughter, Mia, is two years old and she’s got her Color Blast skills down (um, they don’t take much).

I’m pretty sure I remember using something similar to these when I was a kid, but I’ve completely forgotten about them until now. Basically, the book is full of colorless pages with pictures waiting to be colored. It comes with a “magic pen” that has a clear tip. When the pen meets the pages in the book, color magically appears! Gone are the days of losing countless markers and caps and crayons and colored pencils because my two year old’s little hands can’t hold onto them or keep them together in a container. And gone are the days where my two year old’s little hands are covered in marker or highlighter ink. And gone are the days where every nearby surface is covered in ink, too. Like I said, game changer. And I think they range between $4-$5 which is totally affordable.

Now once Mia got the hang of these books she went through them rather quickly, filling every page with color. So what I do with them now is, I save them for specific moments when they’ll come in handy for me. For example:

  • Any time we head to a restaurant, I throw this book in my purse. Mia isn’t the most well behaved kid when we try to eat out. She’s antsy and moves around a lot in her seat (which is also why we always sit in booths to look her in). These books really hold her attention and buy us a lot of well-behaved time.
  • I take a book with me when I go to any kind of store. Mia isn’t a big fan of sitting in the shopping cart. She only lasts for so long before she’s standing up in it and demanding to get down. As soon as she starts showing signs of being over the cart, I whip the book out and she’s content coloring in it for at least another 10-15 minutes. Actually, there was one trip to Target (and only one) where she sat in the cart coloring away the entire time I was there. That may have been the best day of my life.
  • I haven’t used the books in this instance yet, but I will be giving them a try when the time comes. Traveling! Next time (which is rare) that we have a long drive ahead of us, I’ll be taking the books with me. So far, we’ve been lucky in that Mia has slept for our car rides (we’ve timed the trips out that way, to occur during her nap time) but if she’s wide awake I’m sure she’ll love to color.

Note: This is not a paid for review nor was I contacted by the company of this product to write a review. This is just one mommy sharing a great toddler find with the rest of the world. I also think this would be great as part of a gift for a 2, 3, 4 and even a 5 year old’s birthday. I’m always stumped for good birthday gifts.

color blast1

color blast2


color blast3

color blast4

color blast5

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  1. These are amazing! My daughter also is fidgety when she’s at restaurants sometimes (which is knew since she turned 3, she used to be the best baby in public) and also when we visit my friends’ houses that aren’t even slightly baby proofed. I think after regular coloring my daughter when use this and then get so excited with how different it is and think she’s a mini artist :) Where do you buy these?

    • You’ve GOT to try these, Tina. If you only hold onto them for special occasions when you’ll really NEED them, then hopefully the novelty of them won’t wear off on her. I’ve seen them at consignment stores and once or twice at Target. BUT…browse Amazon for them. I think they have a lot more variety there and the price is right :)

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