A Mommy Share: My 2 year old loves Dot Art!

As the mother of a recently turned two year old, I’m on a constant lookout for age appropriate games, activities, arts and crafts that I think she’d be capable of doing. She’s completely interested in drawing, painting, coloring and all things artsy. The trouble is she’s not quite at the age where she can do a lot of it, at least not without a lot of parental supervision. Like, a lot. So naturally when I come across an art product that she totally picked up on and rocked at, I have to share it with the world.

Mia received a “Dot Art” coloring book along with a box of these “Dot Art” sponge applicators for her very recent 2nd birthday. The product claims that the appropriate age range starts at 3. As you all know, every child is different and you’ll have to use your own judgement to decide whether this project is fit for your two year old. My two year old…loved it and excelled at it.

It’s pretty simple to do. There are “pens” that have a sponge tip that you “stamp” on your paper to release the paint inside. They are meant to be “stamped”, by the way. Swiping or dragging them on the paper will end up ruining the tips eventually. The book comes with coloring pages that are meant to be torn out for easier “painting”.

dot art1

First, I taped newspaper to the table to avoid any mess. Mia helped me tape it, of course. She’s got a thing for tape.

dot art2

Her art apron/smock was another birthday gift and she was more than willing to put it on. I think it makes her feel more official.

dot art3

Mia loves to open and close all lids and caps to any and all containers. She was all over these pens. I taught her to close the cap as soon as she was done using one and she caught on to that pretty well.

dot art4

I demonstrated a few dots for her with the pens, using a stamping motion while saying “dot! dot! dot!” with each stamp. She’s such a little “monkey see, monkey doer” so of course, she copied me perfectly (also while repeating “Dot! Dot! Dot!”)

dot art5

I was a little shocked at how well she stayed in the lines of the flowers at first. I didn’t know she had that in her at this age. It didn’t last throughout our art session, though.

dot art6

I also used this activity as an opportunity to go over her colors. I’d ask her what color she was using with each pen change. She nailed them.

dot art7

She tried to sneak in a few swipes and slides of the pen (remember, that’s a no-no) but after being corrected she got back on track.

dot art8

At the end of painting a few different pictures, Mia got to hang her first real art projects on the fridge with magnets (she has a thing for magnets). I made a big deal about it, clapping and giving lots of positive praise. She loved the attention and was pretty proud of herself saying “Look at meeeeeee!” while displaying them on the fridge. She was excited to point them out to Daddy Dom when he got home from work that evening, too.

dot art9

So the moral of the story is, WE LOVE DOT ART! Seriously, parents…they’re great for 2 year olds and made little to no mess. They also are a great idea for a birthday, Easter or Christmas gift. Even though I have a two year old, I’m always at a loss for ideas on what to get other two or 3 year olds for their birthday. Any other parents out there in that same club? I know what my kid would like but have no clue what others like since all kids are different. Dot Art, I think, would fit any 2 and 3 year old’s lifestyle (boy or girl) and even if they already have it, you know that they’ll need a backup supply within a week or two.

You should know that this is NOT a paid review for this product, I was NOT contacted by the company to mention their product and I did NOT receive any freebies in exchange for this review. All this is, is one Mama sharing her awesome find with other parents who would like more ideas on activities for toddlers.

Feel free to share any of your favorite art products for toddlers and/or what you think about Dot Art!

*I wrote this post last night and woke up to find that Zulily has a sale on a Dot Art set this morning. What a coincidence! Check out this link if you’re interested, it will only last another 2 days and 23 hours. This set has less colors than the one I have and there are no coloring books for sale (bummer).

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  1. How cute! She sure is talented for two! You may have a little artist on your hands, Misty. <3

    • Omg I HOPE SO, Dena! I mean, what the heck are the two of us going to do with all of our time together over the years if she’s not into art? We’ll just end up staring at each other from across the room all day :(

  2. Ohhh I’ve never thought of doing this before. Now that the weather is nicer we will go back to finger painting on the gross as our go-to. My daughter has that same smock! I’ll definitely check out this dot art stuff thanks!

  3. So sweet! <3 Love the concentration and the focus!!! <3

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