A perfect way to end a workday…

…is with a quick and spontaneous play date with my daughter and husband.

Mondays have been Daddy Dom’s day to watch Mia. He loves having this opportunity to spend a whole day each week with just her. I love it, too. There aren’t too many sweeter things in this world than a loving Daddy-Daughter-bond. Theirs has been kind of a slow one to develop and strengthen. Mia’s been quite the “mommy’s girl” since birth. But finally, at last, after a year…Mia is showing Daddy the love. I honestly was starting to worry, because other friends of ours with daughters would tell us (months ago) that their daughters went through the same phase and that our Mia would come around soon enough. Well, months after their daughters grew out of their “mommy only” phases, Mia would still be stuck in hers. Not anymore. She reaches for him while I’m holding her like she always did for me. She looks to him, too, when she gets hurt or scared for comfort and safety. She snuggles with him, too, while winding down before a nap or bedtime. She’ll sit in his lap, too, while watching her favorite TV show or movie on the couch. She gives him kisses out of nowhere, too. She’s even cried a few times, like she always did for me, when he’s left the room or left the house to go to work. I couldn’t be happier for them and I absolutely love watching their bond blossom. Gives me that warm n’ fuzzy feeling inside.

Monday, Daddy Dom took Mia to Descanso Gardens. It’s basically acres of gardens, woodlands and botanical collections divided by pathways for visitors to explore through as they please. It’s such a beautiful, natural and peaceful retreat from the city while not actually leaving it. I work minutes away from it and was suddenly thrilled at the end of my Monday workday when I found out that Daddy Dom and Mia were cruising its grounds. I drove there straight from work and surprised my one-year-old beauty, provoking the most perfect and heartwarming smile that stretched from ear to ear. Oh, how she can make me melt. Since the gardens were closing in only 45 minutes after my arrival, I didn’t spend much time there. But it was long enough to get some precious photos and see Mia’s face as she tried to make sense of a waterfall, koi fish, a stream, some geese and some ducks. These moments are my most favorite kind.

I can’t wait for my Mama & Mia day on Friday for more.










Diaper changes aren’t her favorite thing.


But those blue eyes are mine.


Who knew we were capable of creating something so beautiful.


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  1. That does sound like a great way to end the day. And in such beautiful surroundings! My son is a similar age and you can just tell from your photos how inquisitive your daughter is.

    • Yes, she\’s very inquisitive. As you know, it\’s pretty amazing to watch those gears turn in her head…it also keeps us on our toes. thanks for the comment

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