A Personal Creations Holiday {Review}

Can we slow things down a bit, here? Thanksgiving is days away and I’m still in disbelief that it’s actually here. It feels like just last month (really 6 months ago) when I was thinking ahead to Thanksgiving and thought, I bet Mia will be crawling by Thanksgiving. Well, she’s trying with all her might. She can travel from point A to point B, but it’s not the smoothest. Her crawl looks a bit on the tipsy side. It’s more of a wobbly army crawl. She’s got 3 more days to nail it.

Before I know it, tomorrow will be Christmas with the way things are movin’ and groovin’ along. This Christmas is a little more special to me than previous ones, mainly because I have a beautiful baby girl to share it with but also because Daddy Dom and I have our own place to share it in together, as a family. We’re both stoked to get our first Christmas tree together and decorate it. Wait, with what? We don’t have any ornaments! Don’t worry, folks…I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve. Thank goodness for Pinterest and all of it’s DIY ornament ideas, right? Looks like I’m going to be busy next month. My mom also has some hand-me-down ornaments to give me. Thanks, mom! Another great resource to the rescue is this here review and the company, Personal Creations!

I was given the chance to review a complimentary product from Personalcreations.com. Actually, I received a gift card which allowed me to order 3 complimentary products from their selection of Christmas Ornaments. They have some pretty adorable ornaments and the great part is that you can personalize just about everything they have for purchase. To me that makes each ornament on the tree much more special. It’s like a hanging memory on display each year. I really do love the 3 I chose, but it was a little tough to narrow them down. The website is easy to navigate through and they have ornaments that fit almost any occasion or style. They are a great source for your personal and gifting needs with so many more categories ranging from holidays to baby to graduation.

Now for our review…pc1-1  pc2-1

How precious is this baby’s 1st Christmas ornament?! pc3

This ornament marks our 1st Christmas as husband and wifey. pc4

Did you just hear the sound of a music record scratch somewhere? pc5-1

Thanks, Target customers, for not staring at me too much during my ornament photo shoot. Mia was hardly amused.


If you’re interested in ordering some of your own Personal Creations merch, check out this page of coupons first!

Thanks, Personal Creations, for such a pleasant shopping experience on your website AND for providing my family with our very first ornaments. Love em!

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  1. Funny, right? I knew they\’d have trees up on display already. And tell me about it with the crawling. She\’s all about it. I have a feeling though, that once she nails it, I\’ll be missing the days when she was stationary.

  2. Lol.. I was totally thinking when did you get a tree and why so soon!? Nicely done! And yay Target! :) Love the new ornaments and sooooo excited to see that little girl crawl!! <3

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