A Personal Photography Goal

As you all know by now, I’m a bit of a picture taker. I love photography so much, I’m trying to make a career out of it (click HERE to check that out). It’s easy to see, just by scrolling through my last few posts, that my most commonly photographed subject is my daughter. Most parents are guilty of that. What I’m most guilty of, when it comes to my personal photography, is that I don’t include myself in the pictures! Since I’m the one with the camera skills in the family, it’s rare to see me hand over my camera to my husband to capture the shots I know I’m better at getting. *Sorry, Daddy Dom* Another reason that keeps me behind the camera these days is that I don’t like how I look in pictures. I’ve gained weight since having Mia and I try to not think about that so much. It’s not until I see photos of myself and then I’m like…”Oohhh yeeaaahhh, I forgot about that.”

Well…enough. I’ve been in only a handful of photos with my daughter since she’s been born (15 months ago). A handful! That’s unacceptable! I’m going to regret that BIG TIME down the road (What am I saying? I already do!) and it’s time I make a change. No matter how I get it done, whether I look a little heavier in the photos or maybe they’ll come out a bit more blurry or with limbs cropped or with too much sky in the shot or too much ground (due to husband taking the photos)…it doesn’t matter…I just want to be in them more often. Maybe it’s time to dust off my tripod and put it to use. Whatever it takes, I owe it to myself and to my daughter.

Photography Goal: Attempt #1

I wasted no time at my 1st attempt. All I did was stack about 4 thick books at the foot of my bed and set my camera on top with it set to take pictures via my handy-dandy remote. If you don’t have a remote you can set it to the timer mode, but this will be much trickier with just a few seconds for you to get into place. Because I wasn’t behind the camera and manually taking the pictures, I couldn’t focus in on our faces for the clearest and crispest shot possible. But hey, I’m in them with my beautiful Mia and I captured real moments and genuine smiles and mother-daughter love. That’s enough for me.




How did I get her to actually look into the camera? A light (not the flash) would blink with each shot…so it caught her attention. YES!bed4

I challenge all you parents to get in more pictures with your kids. No matter how old you or they are, it’s not too late. Grandparents, too! My mom hates getting in photos, but when Mia’s grown up and Grandma is really old, gray and wrinkled, she’ll be wishing she took more pictures when she had beautiful red hair and such smoother and more beautiful skin. No excuses, just figure it out and do it.

You’ll be seeing a lot more of me on this here blog, folks. Brace yourselves :)

So, who’s up for taking my challenge? Do any of you have similar goals? And do any of you have tips to share on better achieving this goal/challenge? Comment below :)

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  1. Ahhh you two are beautiful!! After that photo session I realized how many photos I am not in with my baby!! As I was always the one behind the camera. I am sad about that.. but you are right.. NEVER too late!! Love this and love you guys. P.S. My fav is the one of you lifting her into the air.. you look at her.. she looks at the camera.. such a doll <3

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