A Wonderful Weather Weekend

Over the weekend here in southern California, we had some pretty wonderful weather up in the 80s/90s. Our schedule was a perfect balance of busy and relaxation. It’s weekends like these that help to remind me that life is good. No really, it is. Even though we have 101 reasons to pull all of our hairs out, cry ourselves to sleep at night, or puke from all the butterflies that are swarming around in our stomachs…we don’t. We can’t. The good things in life, the simple things in life, the simply good things in life, far outnumber the bad…even on the worst of days. Each day that we wake up with the sun is another chance at straightening out the messes in our lives, bringing us that much closer to relief and peace-of-mind. It’s weekends like these, the ones filled with smiles, friends, milestones, creativity, sunshine, new growth and beauty, that get your feet back on the ground and your head out of the clouds so that you may enjoy what’s here and now.

And, it’s also her. Yup, it’s most definitely her.

Our Mama/Mia Friday, cruising in our backyard in her new favorite toy that she got from her Auntie Carol & gal pal Maddy for her 1st birthday.

pinkcarcollage pinkcarcollage2 pinkcarcollage3

A little Saturday walk before heading to a local arts & crafts fair, one that I’ve looked forward to every year since I was a kid. This year, we enjoyed the sights and appreciated the craftiness and creativity that filled the streets. Although we didn’t come home with any purchases, we did come home with new inspiration and new hope to sell certain handmade projects of mine at the fair next year. I’m looking forward to it, like crazy.

plaidcollage1 sat1


We beat the later afternoon heat with our first dip in the pool this summer. Mia was loving it. I may have been loving it even more, watching these two having so much fun. By the way, we bought her infant floaty at a consignment sale for a few bucks. Super steal!





Sunday, Daddy Dom and I put our green thumbs to work in the garden. I planted my first flowers in our backyard, under the guidance of mister landscape himself.



Daddy Dom also grows fruits and vegetables in the garden. Below to the right, is a photo of golden zucchinis.   gardencollage4 gardencollage5Daddy Dom, tending to his DIY greenhouse where he’s growing lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, spinach and beans.



After our fair share of fresh air, Mia and I had a 5th birthday party to attend at a local park. The birthday girl is quite the fan of Hello Kitty, so I thought it appropriate to dress Mia in a Hello Kitty outfit that she received as a birthday gift.




I tried getting a photo of Mia with the birthday girl, but she just does NOT sit nor stand still. This was the best I could do. Happy Birthday, beautiful Ry!kitty6

One of her gifts from me was a hand painted tote bag. I saw the idea on Etsy somewhere and decided to make something similar on my own.

owl tote

I ended my weekend with the start of a new project. Daddy Dom found a used and unwanted bookshelf on the side of the road and brought it home for us to makeover. Mia has received boxes of books since her birth. Boxes! We’ve had no place to put them except to keep them in their boxes, scattered throughout the house. We finally have a home for them. I began to spray paint the bookshelf with primer and I’ll be finishing it up with some yellow once I buy a refill can. I kinda ran out.


I had a small audience nearby.ranchocollage1 roxi1


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  1. These kinds of moments are worth capturing! Love all the photos and the weather looks really awesome. I would really appreciate the sun right now.

  2. She’s awesome and your awesome! LOVE all these pictures.. especially the one of her reaching for the balloons!!! It is nice to have those days that remind you life is real and very here and now and to be enjoyed and full of moments and love! <3 <3 <3

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