Already Taking a Stand

A week ago today (at 29 weeks old), my curious little girl decided that she had seen enough of the bottommost level of her crib for one evening and needed a change in scenery. This kid pulled herself up onto her knees, followed by another pull up onto her feet. Her FEET! I couldn’t believe my eyes. She was frickin’ standing, by herself, in her crib.


I think she just really wanted to check out what Grandma was doing. Cleaning, dear. Trust me, it’s nothing more interesting than what’s going on in your crib.


Plop. She didn’t look too thrilled at the thought of having to climb back up again. Quite the workout for infants.


I’m so proud of my growing-too-fast-for-her-own-good-and-for-my-sanity baby. What a moment. The next day we lowered the mattress in her crib and the one in her play yard to their lowest levels. Back at the bottom, baby. Sorry, it’s for your own good.

The only bummer was that Daddy missed thisfirst  because he was having his own little adventure with a group of friends on an overnight hike up in the mountains. Mommy would have loved to join them but it was way too cold for this little baby and I’m just not ready to put her and us through that fuss just yet. Maybe next time.

On another note, I’d like to give a shout-out to my ball n’ chain on our 8 month anniversary today. I know, months? If Mia gets attention for turning another month, then so will our marriage. At least until it becomes years. So there.

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  1. Look at her stand!!!! Dom was so sad to have missed this wonderful moment! But he proudly announced it to us all!!! And yes.. Mia will be adventuring even more soon enough!! ^^yep… crib rail covers… otherwise your next blog will be on a little beaver.. :)

  2. Chrystyna Johnson says

    Time to put that plastic stuff on the crib top before she stands up and starts chewing on it. LOL!

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