An Outdoorsman’s Birthday Cake

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Daddy Dom turned 37!…um, yeah in the beginning of October 2013. I’m only a few months late on this one. No biggie, right?

I was organizing photos when I came across these and realized the big fat goof I made on forgetting to post about this.

Birthday plans were cancelled on account of some rain. Not much was planned, but the few plans I did come up with weren’t rain friendly. The husband is quite the outdoorsman (or used to be before the kid came along) and had hoped that we would go camping to celebrate his birthday. However, being busy with work and no available spots to reserve at the preferred campground kept us from doing so.

I then figured that if we couldn’t get to the campfire, then I’d bring the campfire to us. I planned to set up our tent in the backyard, set up our camping chairs, ignite a little backyard bonfire to roast some hot dogs and s’mores over and crack a few beers. Well, it rained that night and like I said, that ruined plans. The only thing I prepared that wasn’t affected by the weather was the “birthday cake” I made for him.

I came up with this idea after browsing around Pinterest. I put a few things that I saw together, and came up with this simple yet delicious “cake” that was more than fitting for the theme of the evening. I made a campfire “cake”, except it was actually a batch of brownies that I made instead of cake. The husband isn’t a huge cake fan, so I improvised.

As you can see below, I arranged a few Twix candy bars (his favorite, btw) on top of the brownies to resemble logs from a campfire. I sprinkled some red, orange and clear gummy bears to look like the fire embers. The scattered nuts were meant to look like rocks and a package of candles were bundled in the center to create a big fire when lit.





What a simple idea for a manly birthday treat, right? I didn’t hear any complaints :)

Happy LATE birthday post, Daddy Dom.



  1. This cake is amazing!

  2. OMG! I absolutely love it! What a precious idea. I think I know what I’ll be doing for M.’s birthday this year. Too cute. xo

  3. What a CUTE idea! My hubby is an outdoorsman too and would appreciate this. He doesn’t like cake either and always wants a pie on his bday. Wonder if I could adapt it? Hmmm.

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