And then she was 3

My “Mia Rose Carone Sandwich Bug” (yep, that’s what she calls herself) turned 3 years old. Pardon my lateness with this update, it did happen a month ago, but life has been a juggling act lately (having a 5 week old) and I’ve had minimal time to take showers, blow dry my hair, do laundry or prepare a meal let alone blog about it all.


On Mia’s birthday, we kept things simple. She went to school where she wore a special birthday tutu and she took a few dozen funfetti cookies that her and I had baked the night before. Mia just loves to help me in the kitchen, especially when sprinkles are involved. Her class sang “Happy Birthday” to her and she got a special birthday hat. The day was going so well, until she woke up from her nap at home later that afternoon.


My mom was staying with us and she had planned to take Mia to one of her favorite neighborhoods for a stroll through it’s downtown avenue. They were to hit up the pet shop to check out the birds, fish and lizards. They also were to get a cookie from the bakery. BUT…her first 3 year old meltdown happened instead. All she was asked to do was to use the potty before they were to leave so she wouldn’t wet her pants while they were out. She refused. Down right refused. The situation went downhill quickly and long story short, she ended up staying home, screaming and crying in her room for over an hour. “Terrible Twos”??? That age was a stroll in the park for us. Helllllloooooooo “Threeteens!”

Later that evening, my mom made us all dinner and Uncle Chris joined us.  We ended the night with the Happy Birthday song, cake and ice cream and presents.


I’m so beyond proud to be Mama to Mia. She’s such a bright little girl, always wanting to learn more and know more and ask a ton of questions daily. The word, “why” seems to be her favorite and has been for some time now. One of her favorite phrases has been, “Mommy/Daddy, you’re THE BEST Mommy/Daddy ever.” She tells us this multiple times a day, every day. And when I follow it up with, “Aw thanks Mia, you’re the best Mia ever!” she’ll respond with, “Awwww thanks, Mommy. You’re so sweet.” And every night at dinner, she reaches out to both Daddy and I (she sits in between us) and says, “Carone Sandwich!” and expects us both to lean in and hug her at the same time. She’ll “cheers” anyone who’s eating or drinking the same thing as her.


She’s got a great memory! Sooooo opposite from me. She remembers things that have happened weeks even months ago and brings up the most random events or happenings. She hasn’t yet grasped the concept of time so everything she talks about happened “this morning.” She knows what street we live on, which state both of her grandma’s and grandpa lives in, and knows how to get to certain places in town (turn that way, go up that hill, it’s over there). She almost knows the whole alphabet but L-M-N-O-P is a bit of run-on mess. She can count but for some reason, always forgets #4. She also has trouble pronouncing the letter “F” when it’s the first letter of a word. The word “fish” is “shish”. But, she can pronounce it when it’s at the end of the word like “safe.” Her vocabulary in general is really great! She/I get many comments and compliments on how well she can talk and how much she can say/communicate. She’s almost completely understandable by strangers. I still have to step in occasionally to translate. I love being able to understand what she has to say, all of the time!


She’s got a very silly sense of humor and loves to make Daddy and me laugh. If she thinks that we’re not happy or are cranky, she’ll say “Mommy, you mad?” If I say yes, she’ll proceed to make the biggest and toothiest smile that her little face can make and will then ask, “How about now?” She also hops and dances around the house to crack a smile out of us. One of the funniest things that I think she does is after every shower, she literally runs through the house (completely naked) shouting, “Naked butt saves the day!!!” The other day, she walked into my room lugging 2 big bags full of stuff and was wearing her backpack, full of stuff. She says, “Bye Mommy, I’m leaving. I have to go. I’m moving to Uncle Chris’ house.” I asked her where she’d sleep since he doesn’t have a bed for her. She said, “Hmmm…Uncle Chris is comfy!”…meaning she’d sleep with him in his bed. Later that night, she was having a pretend phone call with him on her toy phone and she says, “Hi, Uncle Chris! What are you doing? Oh really? You’ve got poop in your butt? Okay see ya later, then!” The other day, while my mom was visiting with us, Mia asked her if she has big or small boobies. My mom said small and so Mia leaned in and copped a feel and says, “No, they’re big!” She also asked Grandma if she could see her butt.

She loves going to preschool (only 3 days a week, for 3 hours each day currently) and talks about her friends there all of the time. I’m so glad we decided to put her in this program, she’s blossomed so much there. She comes home singing songs she’s learned and totes around the countless pieces of artwork she’s created there. She’s also more outgoing and social because of the interactions she’s had with the other kids.

Mia absolutely loves helping Daddy in the garden. She’s not afraid to get dirty. She plants seeds with him and waters them. Just recently, she was able to pluck her first carrot from the ground and taste it. Best carrot I’ve ever had. She’s also sampled some cherry tomatoes and we all can’t wait for the rest of the produce to pop up.

I would say her most prized possessions are her “Mama Bunny” (still) and her “Purple Bike” (no, not just “bike”, but “purple bike”). She sleeps every nap and night with her bunny, carries it around the house all day and even takes in into the car. She’s had it since birth and loves it to pieces. I have to sneak it away to wash it because she gets upset when I do. She rides her bike every day in the backyard, lapping the pool. One thing that drives us crazy is that she’ll drive it purposely into the dogs, thinking it’s funny. We’ve actually “thrown the bike away in the trash” because she continued to ignore our warnings. Of course, after a few days she got it back and these occurrences have decreased a great deal. Her favorite toys to play with are bubbles, her monster trucks and race cars, toy trains, dump trucks, tractors, and her Dusty Crophopper planes from the movie “Airplane: Fire and Rescue” (her favorite movie).

Mia still has a huge passion for books. Her “library” in her room is pretty impressive. I constantly find her in her room, “reading” her books to herself. I read her 2-3 books every single day in bed with her before her nap time, and I read her 2 books every single night in bed with her before bed time. I know that she’s really paying attention to every word I read because when I leave her with the books I just read, she flips through the pages and reiterates the story with great accuracy.

This kid has a carb obsession! She’s always requesting to snack on/eat bread, crackers and chips (but scarcely gets them). She’s not huge on sweets. When she gets a cookie, she’ll only take a few bites. Her favorite candy is M&Ms. She could eat those all day long (again, only rarely gets any). Thankfully, she’s very into fruits and veggies. She eats bananas, apples, strawberries, pears, blueberries, raspberries, honeydew melon (that’s a recent food discovery), watermelon, grapes, carrots, celery, green beans, broccoli, tomatoes, avocados (loves those) and edamame. She likes PB&J sandwiches, turkey & cheese sandwiches, tuna sandwiches, chicken salad sandwiches and egg salad sandwiches. She loves waffles and pancakes for breakfast and will eat eggs (over medium, scrambled and/or hard boiled), oatmeal, cereal and she loves bacon! Dinner tends to be more of a pain to feed her. She’s not crazy about any one particular meal that we make for dinner but will eat: pasta (spaghetti with marinara sauce and ravioli), sides of rice, mac n’ cheese, veggie sides, french dip sandwiches (just discovered she likes roast beef!), fish sticks, bean & cheese burritos, grilled cheese and she really likes Campbell’s chicken and rice (or stars or alphabet) soups. Lately, she’s been snacking on walnuts, almonds and peanuts and loves Naked Juice (the brand). And she just recently has been eating more meats. This used to be impossible to feed her, she’d store it in one cheek and never swallow them. So….I’d say overall that she’s a pretty great eater. It’s getting her to feed herself that’s been a struggle. She tries to get us to spoon/fork feed her and if we leave it for her to do, meals take forever. I don’t think she knows what a warm meal tastes like! However, if she really likes the meal she’ll scarf it down on her own, no problem.

She weighs about 28 lbs and is a bit below average for height and still has a big head. She’s almost out of wearing size 2T clothing and is starting to fit into 3T. Her shoe size is somewhat in between size 6 and 7 (depends on the brand). Her favorite pair of shoes is her cowgirl boots.

Mia is almost fully potty-trained and has been for months now. The only time she wears a diaper is at night, but surprisingly wakes up most mornings with a dry diaper. With the new baby, we’re putting off fully diving into night potty training since our hands are pretty full at the moment. It’s so nice only having one child in diapers!

A few of her favorite places to visit are: the LA Zoo, Descanso Gardens, the Long Beach Aquarium, the park (still not crazy about the swings), and a neighborhood “downtown” avenue that is full of little shops and restaurants. She’s always asking to take a walk there and when we do, we always go into the pet store so she can visit the birds, fish, lizards, snakes and bunnies. We also always go into the bakery for one sugar cookie for $0.50.

Overall, I’d say this kid is fantastic. She brings us so much joy and laughter and makes us proud every day. The “terrible twos” were pretty non-existent for us. I loved age 2! But age 3??? Oh man, I’ve been getting the feeling lately that we’re really in for it this year, especially since we’ve just had another baby. My biggest complaint and annoyance with Mia is that she’s constantly whining! I mean all of the time. If I had a penny for every time I said, “Stop whining! Use your big girl voice” I’d be able to afford a tropical vacation somewhere. She’s also become a bit dramatic. If she bumps her knee on something, she whines and cries about it in a phony distressed voice. But her “owl ice pack” always fixes everything. She’s become more sassy and will talk back to me. The other night at dinner, she wanted to eat a tortilla chip before her meal and I told her no. Of course, she proceeded to reach for the chip anyways and I said, “Don’t even think about it!.” She then says, “….I’m thinking about it.” When I tell her I’m going to put her in time-out, she’ll tell me, “No, YOU are going into time-out!” She also needs to be told something a bazillion times before listening, and that’s after I’ve had to raise my voice finally. I’m a broken record these days. But I don’t think we’re experiencing anything new here or unexpected. Hopefully we’re seeing the worst of it because if that’s so, then this age will be manageable and more pleasant than not, for sure (*fingers crossed!*).

A few goals that Daddy and I have for her this year are: enroll her in some kind of dance class, sign up for swim lessons (soon, summer is almost here and we have a pool), possibly introduce her to a gymnastics class, work on her alphabet so she can identify each letter (out of order)(she knows a few like W and X) and same with her numbers (she does know #3), get her to finally feed herself completely independent from us, become night-time potty trained, teach her to ride a bike with pedals (the one she has now is a balance bike, no pedals) and take her on a camping trip.

Mia definitely has her own opinions, voice, thoughts, plans and spunky personality. She’s stubborn, too, but I really wouldn’t change any of it. She keeps us on our toes, never leaving us bored with life. I’ve really enjoyed discovering who she’s becoming as her own unique person. And, I so look forward to watching how she takes on her new role as “big sister” and how her relationship grows with Margo.

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  1. i loved everything about this and it’s amazing to read how much mia has changed & grown! she is such a sweet, brilliant little lady. <3

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