Another Handmade Halloween

Happy Halloween, all!

This holiday is one of my favorites and I’m so stoked that I get to re-live my fond childhood memories of it through my own two kids. I can’t decide which is more exciting, experiencing Halloween as a kid or watching your own children experience it year after year.

If you know me or have been following this here blog, then you know that I love to create. This season, my most popular posts (thanks to Pinterest) are my “No-Sew Baby Owl Costume {DIY}” (see Margo’s costume below) and “6 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas + 3 Bonus Ideas“. These are jam packed with handmade costume sweetness from over the years, and this year I’ve continued this passionate hobby of mine with yet another handmade Halloween!

I’ve been neglecting this space here for awhile now, mostly because I’ve been busy putting my family’s costumes together. I’ve been knee deep in feathers, burning my fingertips off with my hot glue gun and cutting and tying off tulle. It looks like a colorful party explosion in my vacuum cleaner, that’s for sure.

Our costume theme this year is “Birds of a Feather.” I’m a flamingo, Mia is a peacock, Margo is an owl (which was Mia’s very first costume from 3 years ago) and Dominic is a bird watcher. Mia had a party at her preschool today so I was able to snap these photos of my girls in costume:


When Mia finally saw her entire costume come together, she gave me the biggest hug and told me how excited she was for Halloween and that I’m “the best Mommy in the whole world.” She tells me this often, but I can always tell when she truly means it and this was one of those moments. This made all of the work worth it. I love surprising her with my creativity and making something for her that is unique and special, made with love.


I’ve yet to photograph us all as a family or even myself or my husband in costume. Stay tuned for that. My goal is to set up a tripod before heading out to Trick-or-Treat tonight to snap some shots of us together. Also, stay tuned for a DIY post on how I made both my flamingo costume and Mia’s peacock costume. No sewing is needed which are just the kind of projects that I love.

I hope you all enjoy your Halloween and this really fun time with your kids. Be sure to go over safety rules with them before taking to the streets, keep a close eye on them, take pictures and have a blast!

I can’t wait to see all of the other great costumes out there tonight. Which reminds me, if you’ve used my DIY tutorial on how to make an owl costume or have been inspired by any of my other costumes over the years, I’d love to see photos! Email me at Feel free to ask any questions on putting them together, too. And one last request: If you’ve handmade yours or your kids’ costumes, like ever, leave a link to images or your own blog posts below. Share your talents, spread the creativity! Thanks guys, Happy Halloween!

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