Anything BUT mellow, yellow mirror

Folks, there’s nothing like a quick and easy solution to adding a pop of color into a space. What makes that solution all the more juicier is when YOU actually make it! Well, spruce it up at least…all on your own.  Completing DIY projects gives me such a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.  I’m even more proud of myself about this particular project because this mirror cost me a measly couple of bucks at a garage sale. Let this be a lesson to ya’ll…don’t overlook ugly garage sale/thrift store items.  Most “junk” can be made over into fab findings with just a coat of paint! I love how this super sunny bright mirror turned out…almost as much as my new love for spray paint.



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  1. Very cute addition to her room :) I just spray painted a big wall clock this weekend that I wanted to add to my office. I didn't want it to be silver anymore.

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