At the car wash…

…talkin’ ’bout the car wash, yeah!

Come on ya’ll and sing it for me, car wash.

Car wash, yeah.

Thank you, Rose Royce, for that classic song to help our car washing days go by with a beat.

Over the weekend, Daddy Dom washed our cars in the driveway (woo hoo!). I’ve mentioned already how much Mia loves to play in the water (any form will do) so you can imagine her excitement and fascination with washing a car! Oh man, it was the event of the weekend which meant a great photo opportunity for me.

The hand-off. Not only did she have access to water in a bucket, but she had water in a bucket with soap and a sponge! I mean, the amount of bubbles were endless.

carwash Collage3

Water also sprayed out of a hose and completely drenched both cars. Water filled the air, even.

carwash Collage4

Water collected in puddles on our driveway and traveled in a mini stream down it, too.

carwash Collage5

And did you know that a sponge holds water inside it?! Every squeeze of that thing releases more and more water. It just doesn’t stop! 

carwash Collage6

Of course, we always stop to notice the flowers.


Mia’s pal, Rancho, sat nearby and observed. He was about to become a part of the action, too.


Hmm…what does water look like on Rancho’s nose?


Where there’s fun, there’s always tears. Daddy Dom needed the sponge for a hot minute and this was the response he got. As soon as he handed it back, the world was right again.     carwash Collage7

Tantrum part II.

carwash Collage8

carwash Collage9

I think she’d sleep with that soap filled sponge if we let her.

carwash Collage10

carwash Collage11

I’ve slowly been letting go of my efforts to keep Mia clean. I never thought I was going to be “that mom” who freaked out if her kid stepped or sat in dirt or mud. My kid does it all the time and couldn’t care less about it. The fact of the matter is that it’s harmless, it all washes off at the end of the day in the shower and out of her clothes in the wash. Having fun is what’s important and sometimes you have to get dirty to have some good, clean fun.

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