Tooth-Breaking News!!

Mommy discovered something when she was at grandma’s house picking up Mia. Mia has her first tooth poking through. :) *written by Daddy Dom on 10/11/12 ———————————————————————————– Daddy Dom was SO excited about the discovery of Mia’s first tooth, he didn’t even give me the chance to post about it, yet! Actually, I didn’t even know he posted about it until I was gettin’ comfy in bed last night and checking the site a final time before off to dream {Read More}

A Manic Monday {with a side of PLEASE VOTE FOR US!}

Do people EVERYWHERE in ALL towns besides mine….not know how to drive? Especially, on Monday mornings???  I think I hit the brakes more than the gas on the way to drop Mia off at Grandma’s house, and I may have dropped the “F” bomb more than once. When Mia starts understanding words and talking, I’ll have to get creative ‘on the fly’ and come up with replacement anger phrases. In the heat of the moment, my mom used to call {Read More}

Cheddar Baked Chicken

What to make for dinner?? We had a Tri-Tip and several pieces of chicken, both semi frozen. We had a few guests over visiting Mia for the first time, and it was getting late. Misty Google’d a chicken recipe over at and came up with Cheddar Baked Chicken. The recipe calls for skinless, boneless chicken breasts but we had legs and thighs. After the company left Misty fed Mia and I started skinning the chicken (save a few calories) {Read More}

Dr. Pepper Ribs

Dr. Pepper Ribs I like to cook for myself, wife, and friends… who doesn’t right? Well awhile ago (years) I was reading through my MENS HEALTH magazine and they had a recipe under their “Eat This Not That ” section  labeled Dr. Pepper Ribs that caught my eye. It was a simple recipe which included…. you guessed it, Dr. Pepper!! Not just a little but a whole 2 Liter. I figured I would attempt to make this and see how it {Read More}

So, you come here often? ;)

Well I hope so! If not, I’d like to welcome all of my new visitors and sprouting bookblogworms!  Momista Beginnings has received an all-tme high number of views today and we’re pretty stoked about it.  That’s the payoff for our involvement in sponsoring a really cool blog, OhDearDrea, belonging to a pretty chill chick, Drea.  Notice my choice of adjectives?  It’s a very hot day, what can I say.  Anyways, she posted her monthly blurb featuring her month of May sponsors {Read More}

Where have we been?

We have been raising a fussy little baby girl. She is awesome and adorable but man she can be a fussy one.  We are still trying to figure out how much she needs/wants to eat and when. We’ll get the hang of it soon enough. I was thinking of writing a dad’s birth story. Would you like to hear my story if you haven’t already? Hopefully Misty will get some time to write a few new posts and share what’s {Read More}

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