*Dangit…it’s not cool to be a day late on posting when a specific day of the week is in the title! #bloggerfail* It’s a glorious 80 degrees here in sunny southern California…yup, in FEBRUARY! And I’ve got no plans for the weekend. I’ve been itching for some fresh air and adventure and I think this weekend is the perfect time to mash those two together. Whatever it is we do, I’ll be sure to fill it with tons of love {Read More}

Margo Blue // 9 months (easiest baby, ever)

I’m proudly part of the “I have the happiest baby, ever” club. Margo Blue is truly happy, 95% of every day. She easily smiles and laughs and giggles at everyone and everything. This makes taking her anywhere a piece of coconut cream pie. *Drooling* As I open up my front door to exit the house, she’s on my hip and laughing and kicking her feet in excitement. As I’m putting her in the car, she’s smiling. The car ride is {Read More}


Hey Friday, you sassy thang! Here are this week’s FIVE finds: DIY: I stumbled onto this YouTube video (and then watched the rest of the channel’s videos on sewing tutorials until 1 am…don’t judge) on how to sew your own pair of leggings. I easily followed the tutorial the next day and made two pairs of leggings for my 9 month old in about 40 minutes, from two of my old shirts. #makersgonnamake SHARE: One of my Valentine art projects {Read More}

Resolutions and Goals in 2016

Did you think you had finally moved past the time of seeing everyone’s “New Year resolution” posts? Surprise! How about reading just one more for an extra boost of motivation (since most of you have already failed yours by now…just sayin’!).  I know I always get inspired reading others’ goals, I hope ya’ll feel the same after you breeze through mine. My lateness in posting this isn’t because of procrastination, which is a first around here. It’s not even really {Read More}

Margo Blue // 8 Months (SLEEP! Hallelujah!!!)

*Note: Still playing catch-up with these updates. Margo is actually 9 months old right now.* This was the month that I had anticipated and desperately waited for. MARGO BEGAN SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!!!!! I mean, do I even need to go on about the rest of her milestones and growth? Who freakin’ cares! I’m getting my sleep back! Nothing else matters, ya’ll. Even if, at 8 months, Margo began speaking in full sentences….BIG WHOOP! Wouldn’t even come close to topping {Read More}

Margo Blue // 7 Months (Our turning point)

*Note: Still playing catch-up with these updates. Margo is actually 9 months old right now* In a nutshell, Margo’s 7th month was a huge turning point for her and us. The issues that I had explained in her 6 month update were fading or completely behind us. Month 7 was the much awaited point in my life as her Mom when I could say “this is my favorite month so far, things just keep getting better.” Month 7 I took {Read More}

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