Mia Massage

A day in the life of baby Mia: My students just love to give Mia massages.  Here they are, giving her a good rub down…followed by lots of kisses.  One particular girl rubs my belly everyday, for a good and solid 5 minutes.  She’ll also talk to her and put her ear against my belly to see if she can hear Mia.  I told her that she’s Mia’s best friend :) Speaking of massages, have any of you mommies ever {Read More}

31 Weeks Pregnant {4 Navel Oranges}

Momma and her Mia have wrapped up our 31st week together. (Average Measurements: 16.25 inches, 3.3 pounds) House update:  Even though it seems that our highest hopes are being met, I’m still hesitant to say that we’re officially moving out.  I’m scared to get excited, just to have something crazy happen and burst my bubble.  Paperwork has been exchanged via email, and it has been agreed upon that we can move into the house on March 15th *knock on wood*!  {Read More}

A Valentine Mosaic

Here is a Valentine’s art project that I created for my 1st grade students.  I gave a lesson on the American pop artist, Jim Dine (b. 1935) and we then viewed one of his artworks, Hand Painting on the Mandala.  I explained that they are to recreate their own Dine-like art by making a colorful mosaic with similarities to his. I first had my students decide on 4 different background colors and one more for the heart. They were given {Read More}

A Watercolor “ValenDine”

My 5 & 6 year old (Kindergarten/1st grade split) students learned about American pop artist, Jim Dine (b. 1935).  After viewing one of Jim Dine’s paintings, Imogen, I had them recreate a similar watercolor painting of their own while keeping true to Jim’s style.  This makes for a great Valentine project that both students and parents love. First, I discussed primary colors, secondary colors and complimentary colors with them. Primary colors: Red, Blue, Yellow.  Their job is to mix together {Read More}

a LOVEly Valentine {Art for Kids}

I did this art project with my 5 year old/Kindergarten class.  It’s really simple, but the kids enjoy it because they get to be a little messy. In the photos below, I used my almost 3 year old daughter as my little assistant to show you just how to create this simple project. For this project, we are inspired by Robert Indiana’s iconic work, LOVE, which was first created as a Christmas card for the Museum of Modern Art.  It’s {Read More}

Jackson Pollock Valentine {Miss Misty’s Art Class}

Here is a really simple art project that’s suitable for really young kids.  I created this for my 4 year old students to give to their parents as a Valentine and they absolutely love it.  The artist that inspired this project is the American painter, Jackson Pollock.  It’s so easy and quick,  I’m able to give a short lesson on him AND complete the project within 30 minutes.  Instead of getting messy and using his “drip” technique, or paint pouring {Read More}

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