29 Weeks Pregnant {Butternut Squash}

29 weeks down and 11 more to go! (Average measurements:  15.25 inches, 2.5 pounds) I craved donuts for 4 days until I satisfied that sweet tooth with a dozen from Foster’s Donuts.  As I approached Foster’s, I swear the clouds parted and a ray of sunlight broke through and lit up the building with a magical glow.  I think I even heard angels singing on high. I faced an emotional few days.  Up until now, I’ve been alarmingly calm and {Read More}

My Lovely Belly Lump {part deux}

I had a request for another picture of the belly.  I love photography, so why I haven’t I been taking more pictures of me during my pregnancy?  Oh yeah…because I feel like a beast!  Haaha.  I’ve gotta say that the more I grow, the more effort I make each day to look super cute (well, as cute as I can look) at work.  I think it’s been working pretty well since I still get plenty of compliments from co-workers and {Read More}

My insides are burning!

OUCH!!!  I left work 2 hours early today due to some nasty heartburn.  This is the second time I’ve had to cut a work day short from this ugly pregnancy side effect.  I think the worst part is that it’s from the same type of food as the last time!  I had a salad for lunch with some Italian dressing, and it was a salad + Italian dressing (different kind, though) last time that did me under.  Fool me twice, {Read More}

Maternity + Baby Book

Click on over to HANNA MAC photography and check out what this creative mom put together for her baby.  She recorded each week of pregnancy with photos and her thoughts on the crazy experience.  This is a great keepsake that any child would love to have and look back on through their years.    Here are few example pages from the maternity book… Photo via HANNA MAC Photo via HANNA MAC Photo via HANNA MAC Photo via HANNA MAC Photo {Read More}

A Great Maternity Series

While looking at this maternity photo series, I actually caught myself thinking “Dangit, can’t I start my pregnancy over again so that I can do something creative like this?”  What, crazy lady!?  Start from the beginning?!  Uh-uh, no way…I’m 2/3 of the way there and ain’t going back for nothin’!  Although I do wish I would have started documenting my pregnancy from the beginning, like this mom and dad did over at their blog called Pacing the Panic Room.   {Read More}

Chalkboards and Photography

I was browsing through some fun and clever ideas for using photography to capture each month of my (unborn) child’s life, once she arrives.  I stumbled upon the blog of The Letter B Photography, a husband and wife photography two-some.  Check out this photo series of their kids’ first year, one month at a time.                                         Photo via The Letter B Photography I love the addition of the chalkboard wall in the background.  I’ve gotta have a chalkboard in {Read More}

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