Paper Lanterns Decor

I have 2 white, round paper lanterns in my room, each with a light inside.  I’ve always loved their look, whether in the home or when decorating a patio area, an outdoor space for a wedding or just a party.  I found this picture here at Apartment Therapy. I’ll definitely be adding this look to Mia’s nursery, I just haven’t decided on the colors I want.  The best part is, the price for these is so cheap!  Head on over {Read More}

I Love Lamp…

I came across an old wooden lamp that I used to have in my bedroom years ago.  I’m not crazy about its look now, but instead of tossing it, I know I can give it another go with a new coat of paint and a different shade.  I found this great redo at Apartment Therapy.                Check out the details here.  

28 Weeks Pregnant {Chinese Cabbage}

My little Chinese Cabbage and I have made it through 28 weeks are now entering our 3rd trimester! (Average measurements: 14.8 inches, 2.25 pounds )   Dominic and I rummaged through my garage and sorted out all the house stuff that I took to San Diego with me when I lived there.  We’re still hoping to be moving out soon. The stress over finding a house has continued to be hot and heavy this week.  Halfway through the week, we {Read More}

27 Weeks Pregnant {Cauliflower}

Ok, baby Cauliflower…27 weeks down and more-than-I’d-like-to-count-right-now to go!  (Average measurements: 14.5 inches, 2 pounds) Dominic and I had a delicious sushi dinner date.  Don’t judge me…I know which sushi is “safe”! We continued our “house hunt” over the weekend.  We found one we liked and viewed it with the property manager.  We both could see ourselves living there so we filled out the apps, even though it’s a little more $ than we’d like to spend.  But here’s the {Read More}

My Lovely Belly Lump

Yeah, that’s right…I sing the name of this post to the tune of a Black Eyed Peas song, so what? Here it is, kids: My first shared pictures of my baby bump belly lump at 26 weeks and 4 days. Kinda reminds you of a whale and its blowhole, don’t it?  ;) Oh yeah, and before you go…would you mind voting for my blog by clicking on the link (followed by one more link)?  Thanks!

26 Weeks Pregnant {Hothouse Cucumber}

Hey there, my little “cucumber”!  We’ve made it through 26 weeks, together :) (Average measurements: 14 inches, 1.75 pounds) I went off my uterus relaxing medication.  All week long, I’ve been a tad bit nervous that my contractions may show their ugly face again.  So far…nada. As posted here, I was surprised with the Back ‘N Belly Chic!  I’ve been praying to the pillow gods to bless me with some sweet, cushioned back support.  Well ask, and ye shall receive.  My darling {Read More}

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