Mod Podge It

What a cute idea! I use Mod Podge with my art students all of the time when making mosaics. The “glossy” version looks best on mosaic-like projects, because it coats the outside with a shiny, finished look. For this type of project, “matte” Mod Podge would be more appropriate. I found this mod podge project HERE at Ohdeedoh. I like their suggestion of using extra fabric that you may have lying around from a previous project…which I have PLENTY of. Just another craft {Read More}

11 weeks pregnant {Lime, Plum, Fig}

Okay, the things have picked up a little at 11 weeks pregnant . I’ve noticed that the days have been dragging on (mostly work days). I guess they’ll do that when you feel gross and tired, counting down the minutes until I can clock out and go home! I’ve also been anxiously awaiting our second doctor’s appointment, which is coming up in a few days on Tuesday. I can’t wait to see how different this little Tater-Tot looks on the {Read More}

10 weeks pregnant {Kumquat, Prune}

I became 10 weeks pregnant a few days ago on Friday (it’s Monday night, now). Things are starting to slowly crawl their way to semi-normal. I’m still nauseous each day, but that nob has been turned way down. I’m still not the biggest fan of food these days, eating has been a chore. I’m starting to have a wider range of tastes and cravings again, though. I’m also regaining my energy level, at a slower speed than I’d like but {Read More}

9 weeks pregnant {Green Olive}

Oh how I despise the number 9. This 1st trimester is kicking my booty. I’m 9 weeks pregnant and I’m exhausted all of the time, I want to take naps (which is a new concept for me), food mostly disgusts me and I’m always out of breath. Whoever said that being pregnant is great…is a liar ;) It definitely could be worse, I’ve heard some bad “horror stories” in comparison to my complaints so I’ll count my blessings and carry {Read More}

8 weeks pregnant {Raspberry}

  There’s our little Tater-Tot…currently looking like a small blob. We had our first doctor’s appointment 3 days ago on Tuesday. It was my first time meeting my new OB-GYN and I love her! Not only was that a relief, but so was finding out that the baby is doing just fine so far. Everything is as it should be. My mom AND boyfriend were in the room to witness the first viewing of the heart beat and to hear {Read More}

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