Babouka: Happiness Clothing {Review}

I’m really excited to introduce you to Babouka, a unique company that is providing the world with truly unique, hand stitched clothing for babies and young children.


What makes this company so special?

They have sought out groups of talented women in need in the developing world and empowered them with the tools they need to create such beautiful and delicate garments. Each piece has been co-designed under Babouka’s brand with these very skilled women who needed a helping hand and a market to present their clothing to. Babouka offers the collections straight from the loving hands and hearts of women in Zanzibar and Pakistan. Read more about the great opportunities being given to these women at Babouka’s site, here.

I was contacted to review a garment of my choice. I was more than willing to participate after reading about the great work that Babouka is doing for these women. I absolutely want to help spread their word, continuing their efforts towards this deserving cause.

Because I simply couldn’t make up my mind on which garment to review, I left it in Babouka’s hands to surprise me. They sent me Bambi Blue, bloomers that are actually part of Zanzibar’s boy collection but I had mentioned that I wouldn’t mind receiving this particular piece, since I think it’ has a very uni-sex color and print.

It arrived in a super cute and eco-friendly jute bag.


I just LOVE this color on Mia. It brings out her baby blues.


I like the fabric. Even though it’s cotton, it has a different feel to it from your typical baby clothes at the store. The seashell print does a good job bringing a bit of another land and culture into ours.


Showing off her TWO new teeth.


  A backyard stroll…


To visit our chickens!



*Note: I was not compensated to write this review. Babouka sent me a free garment to review if I was satisfied with their product. All opinions and experiences with their product are mine and 100% honest.

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