Baby Beau & Belle {Review}

 Last week, Mia received a package in the mail from Baby Beau & Belle. They are a company that produces designer baby garments (for boys & girls) made especially for those extra special occasions, such as baby’s first outfit or newborn photos, a first birthday, holidays and even for weddings and its darling flower girl. In my opinion, their true talent lies in their classic Christening gowns collection. I’ve never seen such luxurious and ornate garments made for a baby. They exude true beauty and elegance, the perfect look to adorn the sweetest child for their special moment.

I had the pleasure of reviewing one of Baby Beau & Belle’s garments from their Petite Fleur Sun Dress collection. The set includes a dress, bloomers, a headband and a fancy hanger. These 4 photos below are from their website and they show each of the four pieces. Unfortunately, Mia refused to model the headband. She’s not a fan of things on her head, and, it was a bit tight. My daughter has a “big” head and falls in the 90% range for head size in her age group. Below is what the headband would have looked like had she allowed me to force her to wear it :) It’s lovely.

bnb Collage4

I was delighted at first sight over how darling the outfit is. It definitely has that “awwwww” factor. That’s just what I said when I opened the box. There’s something about it that makes you touch it so gently and handle it with extra care.

It’s simple with just the right amount of color, pattern and detail to complement the child wearing it, without distracting our viewing eyes from her beauty. It’s airy and light and is made with quality materials by a skilled hand.

My Mia has quite a personality. She’s a loud, feisty little firecracker who loves to get dirty and leaves a trailing mess behind her wherever she goes. She has her moments of sweetness and tenderness, but she likes to save them for random and rare occasions which makes them that much more special. This outfit brought out that beloved, delicate side to my daughter that I cherish so much. It captures the pureness of her spirit and allows her goodness and grace to shine through. Not to mention, the colors bring out her blue eyes!

bnb Collage1

bnb Collage2



bnb Collage3




You can also find Baby Beau & Belle on: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // Google+

Photos were taken by Misty Jeanine Photography (which just so happens to be my own photography biz). I’d like to add that Baby Beau & Belle’s garments are so perfect for professional photo sessions. Their colors, patterns and textures photograph so well, they are every photographer’s dream clothing company.

Thank you, Baby Beau & Belle, for this opportunity to review one of your garment sets. Mia and I love it and appreciate the thought and attention to detail put into it and you can be sure it will reappear in photos on our blog again.

*Disclosure: I was sent a complimentary garment but was not obligated to post a positive review nor was I compensated for it. All words and opinions above are my own.



  1. oh my heavens! she is the prettiest! i just love this little outfit, too. so, so sweet. xo

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