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Right about now…around the 5 month period (well, she will be 5 months in a week) is when I’m noticing the start of the decrease in our baby clothes. I got a ton of super cute clothes for Mia at both of my showers (1: co-workers, 2: friends & fam). A lot of them were sized for newborns and 0-3 months. She had so many clothes, there were a few outfits that never made it onto her chubby little body. My 5 month old is now wearing sizes 6-9 months clothing and I’ve noticed the drop in our selection. Daddy and I actually had to go out and purchase a few PJ sets for her the other day. Daaaaang baby clothes can be expensive! I’m always looking for sales and great buys and so far I’ve been finding them at stores like Ross, Marshall’s and TJ Maxx.

Well, a few days ago we had to make a trip to Babies R Us (the super cool big one in Van Nuys, on Van Nuys Blvd.) and they had a clearance section that can’t be beat. There were about 3-4 clearance racks with signs instructing me to take an additional 50% off the already marked down items! Um…Okay! I’ll gladly take half off of $5..half off of $7. We bought a onesie for $1. Definitely the best sale I’ve seen so far. Save your $, new moms and dads. Don’t pay full price for baby clothes because they truly grow out of them so fast! This kid has worn so many items only ONCE before she grew out of it. I make an exception to this rule for “special” outfits that are going to be worn on special occasions, in a photo shoot or for a holiday. Always shop for the sales!  Daddy SO BADLY wanted this….


I literally looked up from a rack to see them turn the corner. I busted out laughing. Mia was content as can be, with no clue how ridiculous she looked. We did not purchase this. Sorry, Daddy…this isn’t on sale (thank God).

Speaking of sales…Grandma, Mia and I are going to the LA Kids Consignment Sale over in Burbank tomorrow afternoon. It began today, I believe, and runs through the weekend. Hours are 9am-5pm. I’ve never been to one and apparently this particular sale has 600 consignors with everything 50-75% off of the original retail price. I’m looking forward to hopefully scoring some items that she’s going to “grow into” and some for my mom who watches her 4 days a week while I’m at work. She definitely needs to have a stock of entertaining toys. If you’re interested, check out their website HERE. I’ll be updating you after we check it out tomorrow on what we find.

The other lesson to be learned here is if you’re a new mom/dad, ask for clothes that stretch over the span of her first year and even beyond. EVERYONE gets you clothes for newborns and 0-3 months at your shower.  Do the math and figure out which holidays and what kind of weather falls within each size range and buy the clothes accordingly that will fit as she grows. That tip goes for those of you who attend friends’ baby showers. Don’t just buy stuff for the immediate use, buy things they can use months from now because that’s when the stock starts to run low.

On to another matter….


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