Baby got “Back ‘N Bellly” {FAVORITE!}

* FAVORITE thing to cuddle/sleep with! *

As you pregnant gals know, and you future preggers will know…being pregnant isn’t the most comfortable situation to be in.  I’m 25 1/2 weeks along and I’ve already been introduced to some back discomfort and “pinches,” as I like to call them.  I’m at a point where they’re bearable and not painful just yet, but they’re not going away and I know will only come stronger as time goes by, and as I grow.  I’ve mentioned many times to my hunny that I’d just LOVE to have one of those “mommy pillows” to sleep with to help support my tummy and my dang back.  Well…that sneaky lil’ stinker was listening.  He ordered this bad boy in the mail and surprised me today with it!

It’s a Back ‘N Belly Chic contoured body pillow by Leachco.  You can find one here.

And here it is, waiting patiently for me to jump carefully climb into bed and cuddle it until morning.  I’m thrilled to have one of these, let me tell you.  Aside from keeping a constant supply of ice cream in the freezer, this is the best gift Dominic could have given me.  You just can’t put a price on comfort and a good night’s sleep.  What a thoughtful and giving guy I have.  Thank you!!! xo

(FYI: I painted the art on the wall. It was a an art class assignment when I was attending SDSU. It’s Nicole Richie)
Here are a few comments (reviews) left on my Facebook page about it, from 2 pregnant gals in their almost 8th month!…

“This is way better than mine… get it!! Especially if you’re gonna be on bed rest for awhile. It’s only gonna get harder to get comfortable as you get bigger… trust me!”

“YUP – this is the one Whit’s letting me borrow & I LOVE IT!!! Don’t wanna give it back LOL! It’s freakin’ awesome!! Helps with the fart burn & breathing easier at night too cause it keeps you a little erect.”

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