Basket of “Firsts” for the Bride and Groom {DIY}


I was contacted by a company called “Toast the Firsts” about their product that would have been the absolute perfect detail for this basket, had I known about them before making it. Instead of searching high and low for wine bottles with titles that fit each “first”, I could have used these super fun wine bottle covers instead! They’re like stretchy sleeves that fit snug around the bottle. Ugh, this would have saved me so much time and brain power! And, they’re very affordable for a set of 6.

Now, should you choose to purchase a set (which I highly recommend you do), the poems that I created for each “first” below may not make sense to gift recipient, since I incorporated the titles of each wine into each poem. You could either create your own poem or just tweak mine a bit. Seriously wishing I had these covers for my basket when I made it…but oh well. Now YOU can!

DSC_3605 toast the firsts Collage

Okay, now for the original post:

If you follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter, you may remember me mentioning staying up until 4am making a gift for my friend’s bridal shower. I am queen of procrastination, btw. Of course, I waited until the night before the shower to put it all together!

I also said I would blog about it. So, here it is. Here are the details of what I made (in case you should want to make one yourself) and you can clearly see why the heck it took me so long to make. If you’re the kind of person (like me) who enjoys giving personal and creative gifts, you’ll like this one….read on!

Quick preface:

I searched Pinterest for bridal shower gift ideas. I saw a few pins with the idea of a “basket of firsts” involving only wine bottles (for the couple to toast each occasion with) and another idea involving only candles (for the couple to light at each occasion). Welp, I decided to combine these 2 ideas and then take it a step further. My basket includes thongs. That’s right, thongs. This extra element of surprise is not only a cute and fun gift for the bride (what gal doesn’t love new and cute panties?) but it will also help her to spice up her marriage over the years! Because…what husband doesn’t love his bride in a new and cute pair of panties? Am I right, fellas?!

On with the gift…

The Basket


The basket and the letters on the basket (which I glued) are from Michael’s.

First Night

first night Collage

I didn’t include a bottle of wine because I’m sure the bride and groom will have plenty to drink during their reception (it’s open bar all night, after all!). I did include these bride and groom wine bottle covers (see them in the basket above?) from Michael’s to use on their wedding day, should they choose to use them.

*Side note: This “First Night” poem is a combination of one I found online and my own creative writing (and yes, I realize I misspelled “sweet”). You may use it for personal use as long as you credit me in any online posts or mention.

Here is what’s included in the “First Night” bag…


The jeweled ribbon and self adhesive gems are from Michael’s.

I glued the “ribbon” around the rim and the base of the candle and I used the gems to create the bride’s new last name initial.


Also in the “First Night” bag is this Bride tank and thong (both from Target) for her to wear while getting ready on her big day.

First Fight

first fight Collage

The word “Oops” is quoted in the poem because I tied in the name of the wine (which I bought *at Bevmo* to go with the theme).

*Side note: this “First Fight” poem is my creation and you may use it for personal use as long as you credit me in any online posts or mention.


First Valentine’s Day

first valentines Collage

The word “Unruly” is quoted in the poem because I tied in the name of the wine (which I bought *at Bevmo* to match the theme).

*Side note: this “First Valentine’s” poem is my creation and you may use it for personal use as long as you credit me in any online posts or mention.


I glued some red lace around the candle and added some gems to make it match the theme a bit more.

First Anniversary

first anniversary Collage

The word “Query” is in quotes in the poem because I tied in the name of the wine (from Bevmo).

*Side note: This “First Anniversary” poem is a combination of one I found online and my own writing. You may use it for personal use as long as you credit me in any online posts or mention.


The wedding colors are navy blue and coral and tried to get the thong and candle to match those colors as best as I could.

First Baby

first baby Collage

You may notice that the tag says “or twins?”. This is because the groom is a twin and each generation in his family has a twin. Only time will tell if this “tradition” carries on with these two!

*Side note: I found this “First Baby” poem HERE.


Wondering why I included a giant pair of panties? If you’re a mom, you know exactly why. But, check out this previous (postpartum) post of mine for a clear explanation.

25th Anniversary

25th anniversary Collage

The reason I didn’t include a bottle of wine is because I read that in order to keep it from spoiling over 25 years, you have to have a professional type wine cellar or cooler, keeping it at just the right temperature during all those years. No thanks. It’s also called the “silver anniversary” because silver is the traditional gift you give for this anniversary.

*Side note: I found this “25th Anniversary” poem HERE.


The candle and candle trivet are from Michael’s. I attached self adhesive gems in the form of the number 25 and attached a tag with the lyrics to the song from their first dance: “I won’t give up” by Jason Mraz. Great song, btw.

Well there you have it. The best bridal shower gift ever. There are many variations of this idea, I’m sure, but I haven’t come across any that are the same as mine!

Other resources:

I bought the candles and thongs at Marshall’s, Ross and Target.

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  1. I’ve to say your gift ideas are just amazing for different occasions. These are full of creativity and excitement. Such basket of firsts would certainly create a memorable experience for the recipient. From the First Night to the 25th Anniversary, your DIY gifts are worth cherishing. Great work, Misty the “Momista”!

  2. This is such an awesome, unique, creative gift. I could go on and on! Love it! Tell me what bags and where did you get them for the wine, candle and thong? Thanks so much!

    • Thank you, Susan! I get so many hits on this post via Pinterest but rarely get comments. I appreciate you taking the time share the love. The bags for the candles, I think I had one lying around and the others came in the bag that way. The clear bags that the wine bottles are in are cellophane bags. You can probably get those at a craft store (Michael’s) or a gift store of some kind. And those little candle bags are probably at a craft store, too. They’re like little drawstring bags. Hope that helps at all. Google cellophane and see where it leads you :)

  3. This was a great idea honey… good job!

  4. My daughters and I made this for a friend’s wedding shower. We added a few things…like the first night we covered a bottle of wine “The Birds and the Bees” with the bride cover and “Manogomy” with the groom cover, added a LOVE wine stopper and 2 small pictures frames (one white and one black). The first fight was the same and we even found “Ooops ” wine. The first Valentine’s Day we replaced “Unruly” wine with naked. I the first baby we added a picture frame with a place for the sonogram and a baby picture. And in the 1st anniversary, we couldn’t find “Query” wine anyplace so replaced it with “Bogle” which is close to Boggle. In the 25th, we did add a bottle of wine “OMG” (that will be drunk before the 25th anniversary) and a silver picture frame. We also added to the basket a nice corkscrfew and some wine glasses. What a great idea and can’t wait to see the brides face when she reads the poems.

    • Dianne, AWESOME!!! I’m so glad to finally hear from a reader who recreated my gift idea!!! And, I love the extra add-ins you put in there, especially the fancy wine opener and wine stopper and wine glasses! How appropriate. And the “naked” wine is even better than “unruly” :) Well done, ladies. The bride will LOVE this. I know my gal pal did. Her and her husband said it was their most favorite gift among them all ;) Success. Thank you for commenting.

  5. Love this!!! The poems are great!!!!

  6. This is THE cutest, most thoughtful wedding gift ever. You’re amazing & your friends are so lucky to have you! xo

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