Bath time at Grandma’s is so much FUN!

My Mia is almost 14 months old and we have yet to capture any bath tub photos. There’s a good reason for that.

We don’t have a bath tub.

Well, we do but…it’s the most bizarre tub. It’s shaped like a giant box/cube, it’s below ground level and apparently (according to the landlord) the water heater is not big enough to heat the amount of water it takes to fill this sucker up. See for yourself…

bath tub1

bath tub2

I love loved baths when I lived with my parents. They’re so relaxing. I loved baths so much that I even created an art piece for a class assignment based around the tub when I was attending San Diego State University.


Those are really my feet.

Anyways, I’ve had to give up my baths ever since I moved in with the husband but the plus side is that bathing Mia in this giant box has been a breeze. I put her in a baby tub that sits inside the giant tub and she can splash all she wants without making a mess of the bathroom.

Recently, my mom told me that she just put Mia in her grown-up tub for the first time and that Mia loved it! They spent about 40 minutes in there. She came up with the grand idea of having a little photo session while bathing her after I got off of work last week.

I think bath tub photos of the little ones are some of the most classic and precious photos out there. Especially ones with a shot of their little tushy! Which, by the way, I didn’t have until this bath time at Grandma’s.

This was Grandma’s last bath with Mia for quite a while. She had shoulder surgery today and is going to need months to recover. She won’t be able to drive a car for at least 6 weeks, let alone hold or play with Mia. Mia is going to truly be upset over this. Every time Grandma is around, Mia runs up to her and tugs at her and/or fusses until Grandma picks her up.




All she wanted to do was to drink the water. Don’t worry, we discouraged it each with each attempt she made.


Eeep! I’ve finally got myself a tushy photo! Is it weird that I want to chew on those cheeks!? This one’s going in a frame and in her bathroom.


Blurry, but lovely still.


bath collage3


Ugh, I melt.



bath collage2


bath collage1

By the way, folks…I’m in the process of beginning my very own photography business! I’ve already photographed my first couple and I’ve been editing the photos like a madwoman. I can’t wait to share them with you. Anyways, my point is that I’m available for photo sessions if you’re in the area (Los Angeles area). I know how hard it is to try to snap bath time photos while bathing the kid at the same time, so think of me for your next bath! Or, of course, for other family and kid/baby moments.

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  1. These photos are PRECIOUS!!!

  2. I love the idea of putting that tush photo in her bathroom! Too cute.

  3. Awwwww, LOVE these tubby pics, so sweet :)

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