Beautiful Baby, Beautiful Day

Grandma, baby and I went on our first little afternoon outing to the lovely Descanso Gardens last week.  What a gorgeous place to visit when the weather’s just right for some quality alone time or better yet, family time.  Funny, you’d never even know where we went by the pictures we have to show for it.  That’s because my beautiful baby girl decided to be ever so FUSSY that day.  Big surprise.  We thought it would be a grand idea to get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air and some nice scenery.  Well, it was a good idea in theory.  I hardly noticed all the flowers and gardens because I was either carrying Mia and readjusting my holding position with her, or I was trying to shove her pacifier back in her mouth countless times while pushing her in the stroller.  Unless my mother or I was holding her, she was crying and screaming.  Descanso Gardens is supposed to be a place of peace and serenity and we totally contaminated the atmosphere.

Here is the one and only photo I managed to take…

I think we lasted about an hour before grabbing a bite to eat at their cafe and heading home.  Mia slept during lunch long enough for me to snap a few photos of her…and then, she awoke.  That was our cue to leave :)

Just a little slideshow of some of the many faces Mia makes before fully waking up…


 We plan on making a weekly trip to Descanso (since my mom has a season pass) and hopefully Mia will get used to being in her car seat (which she hates) and maybe we’ll be lucky enough to actually have a few enjoyable outings together.

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  1. Your baby is beautiful! I love her name too. I stumbled upon your blog somehow..hehe. I have 2 girls (the youngest one is 9 mo old). I bought a baby carrier from Mothercare when I had my oldest one bcs Bjorn was too pricey for me too. But i ended up using it 2 times before i sold it (baby didnt like it, wasnt comfortable, etc etc). Then I bought a Mobywrap-type of carrier. It was a great purchase, and not so pricey as well. But I found that it was a bit complicated to wear. So for my 2nd baby, i invested in an Ergo baby carrier. It is on a high side in terms of price, but seriously it is worth the money. It's light, soft and you can carry your baby for hours without breaking your back. It can take up to 20kgs. Btw, I am not paid to give this review :-p

    • Thanks for the tip! Funny, my husband and I were at a little street fair the other day and saw a lady carrying her baby in a carrier that looked so comfortable and perfect but we had no idea which kind it was. After reading your comment, I just looked up the Ergo baby carrier and that's what the woman had! Great! We actually bought a baby sling while at the fair and I can't seem to make it work. My baby looks so uncomfortable in it. I want the Ergo!

  2. Yeah! More pictures of cute Mia! Keep them coming, please. Hang in there!

  3. Toni Salce says

    Hve you tried a Bjorn? That was the fussy baby goldmine for me. You can hold them but not. I hope that you have one!

    • We took a look at one of those, but it was pricey. Instead, we got a Chicco carrier for $50. I planned on it being Dom's, but to save money I should give it a try. It doesn't look as comfy for her as some other ones out there. Thanks for the tip :)

  4. Chrystyna says

    Invest in a Beco Butterfly. It will seriously be the best money ever spent. Mac despised the carseat and I didn't have the desire to truly hold her. I'd slip her in the Beco and wear her for hours and hours. My arms didn't hurt, my back didn't hurt, & she was happy as can be.

    • I remember you mentioning this before…so I just googled it. Yup, had no idea what the thing was. It looks great…but pricey. We actually have a carrier type thing, but I originally got it for Dom because it's more masculine and I was hoping to find a softer more girly one. Maybe I'll give his a try first before spending even more $ on these crazy products that she ends up hating :) Thanks for the tip.

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