Big Bear: Baby’s 1st Trip

Dominic and I decided on a bit of a last minute trip to Big Bear with 3 other family friends of ours.  It had been so long since we’ve had the chance to get away, and we needed it.  At 9 weeks old, this is Mia’s first trip!  We left on a Friday and came home Sunday.  Short and sweet.  Each family had our own mini cabin at Cabins4Less.  They were cute and all, but we saw other cabin grounds that looked a lot nicer with grass, swimming pools, and even playgrounds.  We’ll be trying a new spot next time.

Anyways, our trip consisted of walking around and exploring, a quick visit to the Discovery center, a little bit of “off roading” through the mountains, some water play at the lake, Mia’s first contact with a lake, Rancho’s first contact with a lake, and late night BBQs at our cabins.  Mia was awesome all weekend, EXCEPT when it was her feeding time right before bed.  For some reason, she screamed and cried through her whole bottle, both nights.  Poor thing.  Maybe it was the elevation?  Overall,  we had a really nice time, and a big thanks to our friends for inviting us along.  Here are some sights from our weekend…

Our Cabin


Mia’s 1st Lake Experience


Rancho’s 1st Lake Experience


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  1. Hey Carol,

    Agree with you! The experience is just marvelous!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the first dip in the lake!!!!! Perfect!!! <3 <3

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