Blog Votes {The Breakdown}

Momista Beginnings is a blog. It’s a “mommy/baby blog.” It’s a “mommy/baby blog” that has proudly been ranked in the top 25 blogs over at for quite some time now.

There are hundreds of pretty great blogs listed and we truly consider it an honor to be among some of their best. How does a blog make it to the top of the rankings? Votes. Readers can vote once per blog each day.

Why do we want your votes? Well, the higher we’re ranked, the more traffic we get to our blog. We love the publicity we receive because we love sharing our lives, projects, and ramblings with ya’ll. What else? The more traffic we get, the more opportunities from other bloggers and companies come our way to test out new products, host contests and giveaways for our readers and the more connections we make all over the world.

That’s some pretty exciting stuff.

Every few months, Top Baby Blogs resets all the votes for every blog back down to zero. The battle to climb back up to the top of the rankings begins all over again. Well that time has come, once again, and Momista Beginnings needs, wants, would love your vote! Your support makes us go ’round, don’t ya know. Before you do, let me first break down the voting process. It’s as easy as 2 clicks, really. As easy as it is, we still get asked how to vote and there’s still a bit of confusion out there on the matter. It’s time to put that confusion to rest.


Btw, the voting link can also be found at the bottom of every blog post I write.



You are free to exit the site, or you can browse all the really cool blogs in their directory.

So ya want to give this voting thing a try? Let’s start here with this voting link below.

Top Baby, Daddy & Mommy Blogs on TopBabyBlogs.Com


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