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Wanna know about, probably, the best FREE gift to make for your baby/kid that has the potential of bringing hours of fun and dozens of smiles? Read on…

With Mia’s 1st birthday $, we bought her the next stage in car seats. It was an exciting milestone in our home and definitely highlighted the fact that our baby isn’t a baby anymore. We ordered it online and were stoked when the giant package arrived on our doorstep a few days later. Little did we know just how much fun we’d have with this package down the road. Anyways, we busted out the seat and Daddy Dom put it together and in my car for Mia’s first ride in it. She looked so small in this big honkin’ thing, but she looked comfortable and safe, too. Very important.

We got home and had this giant box and a handful of wrappers to get rid of. I don’t know where my “light bulb moment” came from…but I had the grand idea to turn the box into Mia’s very first box fort. Daddy Dom retrieved his blade cutter and we gave the box a little makeover with few incisions. We gave it a new purpose. We upcycled it! It’s worth so much more in its new form because it has given Mia so much joy since we introduced it to her (and us parents so much joy watching her interact with it).

It’s been a few weeks and Mia still loves playing in her fort. She crawls inside, pokes her head out the top, brings toys inside and sometimes watches her shows from in there, too. She even relocates it by pushing it around her play area and has tipped it over onto its side (once, while still inside it by accident). She laughs and laughs when Mommy or Daddy crawl inside, too. We’ve used it in games of “peek-a-boo” and “hide-and-seek.” This just goes to show you, it pays to think outside of the box when it comes to being creative with items you have lying around. You can keep a box fort really simple or you can get extremely detailed and exciting with the right tools and some good ideas. I already have plans to make an even more impressive fort this summer so stay tuned.



Get a load of this big, goofy grin.







I also taught Mia how to get on and off her plastic horse. She hasn’t quite figured out how to rock in it yet, she bounces instead.


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  1. Love the pictures of her getting on the horse.

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