Bridal Shower Gift Idea with “Toast the Firsts”

Almost two years ago, I made a special gift for my friend’s bridal shower and I blogged about it. Since then, that post has been my most viewed post to date. It gets over 4K views each month, all coming in from Pinterest. Bless that website. I love it on so many levels.

My gift was a basket of “firsts” for the bride and groom. Basically, I included bottles of wine, candles, thongs (yup, get excited!) and poems that will help the couple celebrate each “first” (ie: first fight, anniversary, baby, etc.). To make the gift more personal, I spent a lot of time finding wine bottles with a title that would go with each “first’s” theme, and then I incorporated that title into each poem. What a pain! It took me hours to not only scour the shelves at the store to find the perfect wine title but also to come up with clever poems! I was pleased with my end result, but there had to have been an easier way to put this all together. Well little did I know, there was.


A few months ago, I was contacted by a company called “Toast the Firsts” to review their product. I was surprised and stoked to see that they make wine bottle covers that picture a newlywed couple’s “firsts” right on the front! Do you realize what this means? No extra brain power needed to find certain wine bottles with clever titles because these bottle covers do the work for you!


I received my set of 6 covers from the company and I just love them. They act like a fitted sleeve and fit any standard wine bottle. So who cares what kind of wine and with what title is underneath! They can all be the exact same bottle for all I care, right?! What’s also great is how affordable this set is.

toast the firsts Collage

These covers would have saved me so much time had I known about this company before. I’m so glad we crossed paths here, because I now can save all of you the trouble that I went through. They make this gift basket so much easier to put together. Um, you’re welcome!

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