Bump Update // 30 weeks


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Look who finally decided to cooperate with Mama’s belly photos! I attempted this 2 days ago, but Mia was being a punk about it. I told her how that made me sad and hurt my feelings so today, she said she wanted to be a good listener and be in my photos with me. I’m in love with them. Thata girl, Big Sister.

So, this little snuggle bug of mine that’s currently residing in my belly is 30 weeks along. He/she is about 15.7 inches long and weighs about 3 pounds (about the size of a large cabbage). A fun little fact that I didn’t know (or just forgot since Mia was in the womb) is the baby’s brain has been smooth until now. It’s starting to form those characteristic grooves and wrinkles that a developed brain has. Huh.

I’ve been feeling just fine so far. Some fatigue is starting to set in again (since the first trimester), but kicks in the strongest by the evening when you’ll find me propped up on a couch with my feet up.

I’ve started feeling a subtle pain in the sides of my lower back. It’s one that doesn’t go away no matter what position I sit or stand in, I just have to let it ride. I’m pretty sure I experienced this with Mia. It’s just a typical pregnancy side effect that kicks in around this time.

My sleep is still pretty solid. The only thing that wakes me up is Mia, if she cries out in the night (only happens once or twice a week). I do have to pee often throughout the day, but it hasn’t woken me up in the night yet.

I had a doctor appointment today (no ultrasound) and she said my belly measures just fine, feels fine and the baby’s heartbeat is solid. This kid is always on the move, still. He/she is way more active than I remember Mia to be. I swear I’ll be standing in a line at the store and will feel big movements from within and can’t help but wonder if everyone around just saw that. I feel him/her in the morning, afternoon, evening and as I’m dozing off to sleep. Other small news I learned is that I’ve only gained 10 pounds since I got knocked up. That’s fantastic. My doctor’s and my goal for my weight gain this pregnancy was a max of 15 pounds. Looks like I’m on track to meet it. It doesn’t really feel this way, though. More often than not, my belly feels SO FULL! It feels tight, stretched and bloated to the max. I can’t imagine getting bigger and stretching more, though I know that I will. Be kind to me, little baby.

I’ll see you in about 10 more weeks!

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  1. Lovely photos :). I remember having strange pains with baby number two–I finally decided it was from picking my firstborn up all the time and holding her on my left hip as I did things with my right hand ;).

    • Thanks for the comment, Anita. You know, before my belly actually “popped”, my daughter was such a “hold me!” kind of kid. I’ve successfully managed to ween her off of that. She’s not ALWAYS happy to be turned down more times than not, but she understands I think. I’m definitely at the point where holding her too much affects my back!

  2. LOOOVE these photos!

  3. These photos are absolutely precious!!!

  4. Love this pic ! Such a sweet memory you will have of big sister and momtobe!

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