Bump Update // 32 Weeks


I had an ultrasound today. It’s actually been a long time since the last. I’m always amazed at how much the technician can identify from what looks like such a mess of lines and shapes. At this point in the pregnancy, it was pretty easy for me to pinpoint all of the baby ‘s parts (ahem, except for his/her private area…yup, still a mystery!). The baby is also head-down and in position for his/her big debut. Within the first few seconds of peeking in on this little peanut, I got the best view of his/her sweet face. I could totally make out the eyes, cheeks, lips and nose. He/she looked like an actual baby! I wonder if he/she felt my heart skip a beat at that moment. Such an amazing sight.


This kid is super active, something I’ve been saying ever since I felt the first few bumps. The technician got a first hand view of this and was surprised at how much activity was taking place. We watched the baby rotate a few times while she was trying to observe the heart. We also watched the baby put his/her hands into the mouth a few times. Apparently I’ve got plenty of amniotic fluid for this kid to do all of the water aerobics he/she wants.


Overall, the baby is growing just fine. A little too fine, according to the computer. Measurements show that the baby is already at 5 lbs and something ounces. On average, the baby is supposed to be 4 lbs. The computer also adjusted the due date from April 8th to anywhere between March 15th to April 7th and the technician predicts the baby to weigh around 8 3/4 – 9 lbs! I know that these early predictions are often incorrect which is why I’m not worried at all about size/weight/due date. We’ll be ready for whatever, whenever.


Aside from my appointment, I don’t have anything all that new to report. I have felt occasional Braxton Hicks contractions about every other day. I’m so much more in tune with them in this pregnancy. They’re not painful and are completely normal. It just feels like increasing pressure and tightening in my uterus. Almost like it’s flexing for about 10 seconds or so before releasing. I wonder if this is any indication as to what the baby’s gender is? Flexing…sounds like typical male behavior.


And on a side note, I was looking over these photos with my husband and was commenting on how pleased I am with the curves of my pregnant body. I truly love the shape and roundness of my belly. And then…I may have said that maybe he should just keep me pregnant, like all of the time. The room fell silent after that.

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  1. I love the photos . They have special atmosphere. Oh I know the situation on the last picture. My 2 years old sitting non stop on my 7 month old belly as well. I had to laugh when I saw it.:)

  2. Oh my gosh these photos are gorgeous!!!

    • Thanks, Gillian. I NEVER expose this much of myself to anyone….like, ever. It was weird hitting the “publish” button on this post but I’ve never felt more beautiful than I do now so screw it..Publish!

  3. You look absolutely gorgeous! Totally glowing!

  4. Seriously, these are some of the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen. I’m so pleased you’re capturing the beauty of pregnancy and thrilled that you’re joining the link-up!

  5. Just gorgeous <3 Love how in tuned you are to this pregnancy. Such a beautiful wonder. <3

  6. Super love that 2nd photo. It’s so wonderful how much you are celebrating your pregnant body. You look so beautiful!!!!!!!!!

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