Bump Update // 33 Weeks


As I type this, my belly is looking a lot like a rolling water bed. Such a bizarre sight and sensation that I could never get used to. It’s magical, miraculous, bizarre and quite creepy. Movement with this little one is still incredibly strong and often.

So at 33 weeks along now, the baby is apparently the size of a pineapple. I’ve also read that it’s normal for me to feel a tingling or numbness in my wrists or hands. I don’t remember feeling this with Mia, but I’ve definitely been feeling this with baby #2, except these sensations travel all through my arms. I was actually concerned about it but am relieved now to read that it’s common.


The only other major difference I’ve noticed from last week to this one is my energy level. I’m tired/sleepy from the time I wake up to the time I go back to bed at night, it seems. I’ve tried eating a more wholesome breakfast to get my body off to the right start (adding more fruit to cereal, a super healthy bowl of oatmeal with all of the fixings, eggs, fruit smoothies, etc.) but it really doesn’t seem to make any difference. My movements have slowed down dramatically and getting up and down from any position has become such a pain (literally) and is actually a little humorous to witness (but don’t you dare let me catch you laughing). I haven’t begun to take up naps again (while Mia naps) but I think that’s something I’m going to give a try next week.

We still don’t know the sex of the baby, although most people are guessing it’s a boy from the appearance of my belly. I went through a period of anxiety over not knowing a few weeks ago but that has slowly disappeared and I’m back to being okay with our decision. We’ve had a boy’s name picked out since probably the first month of pregnancy but a girl’s name has been a big challenge. At the beginning of this week, I basically made myself sit in front of my computer to search the web for every possible girl name imaginable until I had a decent list of possibilities. I’m relieved to say that we have a small list of names (along with middle names) that we’ve been trying on this week and we’ll wait to see the baby’s face before deciding on one (if she’s a girl, that is). Such a weight lifted!


We have about 7 more weeks left until we meet our new baby, but Daddy Dom insists he/she is coming early. He thinks about 10 days early. I’m now starting to feel a bit of urgency to get some things in order for his/her arrival. Our latest headache that Dominic and I have been trying to figure out is coming up a with a few different plans that cover the supervision of Mia if we should have to rush to the hospital in the middle of the night. Other preparations that need to be addressed soon are: packing the hospital bag, digging out our infant car seat and installing it in my car and assembling the baby’s bassinet where he/she will be sleeping for the first few weeks/months of life. Hopefully I’ll get at least one of these goals met in the coming week.

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  1. I kind of hope to go early. I have ten weeks until my due date, but I’d be perfectly happy to go early. No problem. My first daughter was a week early, and then my son was induced right on his due date since he just refused to move around anymore for a week. Turns out, he’s just super lazy (and still is). Penelope is due May 6, but she’s as active as her sister so we’ll see!

    • I remember being so excited to reach 10 weeks…the last week in the double digits. And I thought how LONG 10 weeks seemed. Well, now at almost 5 weeks left I’m wondering where the time went! I’m definitely okay with 5 more weeks…still have prep to do. My Mia was 5 days late so we’ll see what this one decides to do. Thanks for the comment, Sara! :)

  2. I love these shots, you look so beautiful and the lace is just gorgeous!

  3. your photographs — and your wardrobe! — get more beautiful each week! my “to-do-soon” list is just about the same as yours with digging out the old infant car seat and packing our hospital bag being at the top. i can’t believe we’re almost there, misty. it’s been so fun “doing this with you” this time around. <3

    • Aw, thanks so much! I’m having too much fun with these weekly photo updates. If we end up having a 3rd kid down the road, part of me wants to take a complete opposite approach to maternity photos and turn them into funny photos. Like…almost making fun of those ridiculous and awkward shots you see with wind blowing, or mama wearing a giant tulle/tutu gown and only a bra in a garden or field somewhere. Just exaggerate the heck out of them for a good laugh. We’ll see :)

  4. Ahhh I’m so excited that you are waiting to find out the sex of the baby, although I would never in a million years be able to do that haha But yay can’t wait to find out! 7 weeks!

    • I’m at the point now where I almost break out into tears at the thought of that moment in the hospital when my husband announces the sex. I can almost hear it. And man, I get so choked up over the whole thing. I CAN’T WAIT TO FIND OUT!!!

  5. I remeber those days – those last few weeks feel SO long! Have you tried taking a walk to help your energy levels? I have found taking a walk two to three times a week has made a huge change to how I’m feeling.

    • That is GREAT advice, Faith. Thanks! No, I actually haven’t thought about taking a walk. If I have, I’ve been too comfortable laying on the couch…which is probably part of the problem :) I really should move around more. I’ll give it a try for sure.

  6. These pictures are so wonderful!! I can’t wait to find out the gender of your baby! :)

    • Thank you so much, Gillian! Tell me about it…I can practically hear my husband announcing it in the delivery room. The anticipation is crazy right now.

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