Bump Update // 34 Weeks

DSC_1744What’s with the boho vibe this week? I think I’ve seen one too many maternity photo session ideas via Pinterest and jumped on the bandwagon myself. To be honest with you, I’d never wear this top out in public. I did just recently find it at Ross (super cheap) and thought it would read well in photographs because of its texture and the way it drapes over my belly. I’d really love to shoot a maternity session (haven’t done one yet) and I’ll be holding onto this top along with this lace number seen HERE for any mamas who’d like to borrow them for their photos.


I tried taking some solo shots of the belly the other day, but this little booger just had to jump in on the action. It was really sweet, actually. She said, “Mama, I want to take a picture with you! I’m beautiful, too!” I’m glad she felt so inclined to take part in these because let’s be honest, they’d be pretty boring without her.


Not much to report on the pregnancy front. I’m still big, still slow and still tired.


Over the past few days, my sleep has decided to become more restless. I wake up often to try to get comfortable, rolling from left to right and back again. This means I have to make myself get to sleep earlier since it’s getting more interrupted. No more 12am bedtime for me.


This week the baby has had a few major cases of the hiccups. I’ve sorta thought I had felt them before, but the last few episodes were so obvious that even Daddy Dom could feel them through the belly. And they lasted for so long, I felt so bad for the kid! I hope they’re not uncomfortable for him/her.

Well folks, we’ve got 6 more weeks of anticipation and preparations. I’m a procrastinator by nature and I really need to get my butt into gear to make sure all is ready for baby’s arrival (ugh, but all I want to do is relax! What happened to my “nesting” bug??).

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  1. such sweet photos…

  2. I LOVE the top!!! And I think the boho vibe goes with pregnancy because it’s such a natural thing to grow a child inside of you that you feel all one with the earth and naturey. The most immature way to explain it ever bahahaha. I swear I have an English degree. You look so beautiful! And whenever I see photos of kids sitting on their pregnant mommy’s belly I always just think OUCH DOES THAT HURT hahahahaha

    • Yes, perfect explanation! I prefer things to be explained in the most simplest form anyways, so thanks :) And to be honest, I always thought the same thing about the weight on the belly but it doesn’t hurt at all! You find a way to rest the weight in different places besides the actual belly….even though it totally looks like that’s what is holding Mia up. Thanks for the sweet comment, Tina :)

  3. Looking Fab Misty! I just read your comment on my “manage messes” post… hahaha! You don’t realize how EASY it is to have one kid, until you have two… but oh my goodness, the JOY doesn’t double, it grows exponentially. Your Mia is going to be such a great big sister and you are going to have so much fun with those two. Embrace the mess :)

    • Thanks, Julie. I’ve TOTALLY been thinking that I have no clue how “easy” I have it now with just one. Because I never knew how “easy” I had it before Mia came along until she did. Then I was like…Oh man! I had all of the time in the world to do ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. I’m about to get another rude awakening :)

  4. You are both beautiful. I love you both.

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