Bump Update // 35 Weeks


I’ve been a single mom for the past week. That is, my husband has been out of town on business.

I feel like I’ve managed to maintain the household pretty well on my own while he was away. Mostly, I think the reason for this is because the responsibilities of child-rearing rests more so in my hands than his on a regular basis. I don’t say this to toot my own horn or to throw him under the bus, it’s just the fact of our parenting dynamic. Dominic is the sole provider for our family, running his own pond business (which takes a HUGE amount of his time). He’s only one man with so many hours in a day, allowing him limited time to take on “Mia duties.” I’m a stay-at-home-mom, so that’s what I’m responsible for…being a mom (we all know that’s no small feat). Call us traditional, but that’s kind of how things run around here. Because of this, his absence this last week didn’t really create more challenges for me which I find to be somewhat empowering. Actually if I’m being honest, the week was a bit easier because I didn’t make family sized dinners and I completed chores (laundry, dishes, toy pick-up) when I wanted rather than before he gets home. Cereal or PB&J’s for dinner? Mmm don’t mind if I do! Play all day and chore sessions at night after the kid gets to sleep? Heck yeah! Normally, my responsibilities aren’t such a big deal. But being this pregnant makes everything harder so I’ll take a break whenever and wherever I can get it.


Last week made me feel a bit more confident in being a juggling mom, which is great because as you know I’ll be bringing another child into our world in about 5 more weeks. But then after some reflection on that feeling, I realized that it may be the last time in a long time that I’ll feel this way once baby #2 comes along. Cruel joke, right?

Juggling household duties, my wife role, all of the side stuff I have going on (photography, Etsy store, the blog, etc.) and helping where I can with my husband’s business…plus raising TWO kids rather than just the one who I’ve become accustomed to is going to be a challenge for sure. I have no doubts that in time, we’ll all find our groove again but man the first few weeks? months? are going to be a shit-show (at least that’s what I’m preparing myself for). My routine that I’ve worked on maintaining is going to be thrown right out of the window. I know that some things will fall to the wayside during my immediate recovery after childbirth (this blog and the cleanliness of our house being a few of them), but that’s normal, right? I think flexibility, patience and understanding are going to be three huge qualities that we’ll have to push during that time, in order to survive and keep our cool.

Just when I think “I’ve got this!”…we go and have another kid. Our reality is about to be rocked. Just when I think I don’t need extra help, the time is coming when I’ll be begging and pleading for it. Sometimes, it takes a village. For us, that “sometime” will be in 5 weeks.

DSC_1857-Edit(Dress: ASOS maternity (see link, it’s actually greener in person)

That village I speak of will be arriving in the form of my mom. She’s what’s been allowing my mind to be more at ease while we approach our due date. She will be here for the birth or immediately after. She does have a 6 hour drive to make at the drop of a hat. She was such a huge help when Mia was born and always is when she visits (cleans, watches Mia, fixes dinner, knows our routine so well, etc.). I’m especially going to need her if I face some postpartum baby blues like I did with Mia. I think I cried everyday in my bathroom for about 2-3 weeks after returning home. I was beyond overwhelmed. I hope that my experience with a newborn will give me more strength this time around, but you never can predict just how out of whack your hormones will get at a time like this. Even though she moved away, I’m so grateful that my mom will still be here by my side soon, keeping me in check and helping me with whatever I need.

Until the baby decides to make his/her debut, I’ll continue to enjoy the calm before the storm and hold onto whatever final sense of comfort and adequateness I have left. Be kind to us, baby.


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  1. you look so lovely! I’m doing the same this week, although I have to say it’s much harder with my husband gone. I don’t realize how much he does for me especially as a preggo haha but I really appreciate it!

    • Thank you, Anne. Ugh, I wish my husband was able to help more (and he does, too). Owning his own business seriously takes up so much of his time. I’ve adapted well enough so far with just the one kid, we’ll see how I handle 2. We actually are looking into finding a housekeeper to come by every 2 weeks to give me a hand. FINGERS CROSSED for this one!

  2. Love the dress and you look so beautiful!

  3. You’ve got this girl!!! It may be a bit crazy at first, but you will be surprised at how quickly everything will fall into place. Mine are 18 mo’s apart and I was TERRIFIED at first…you’ll be an old pro in no time! Just don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t be afraid to ask anyone for help. Us momma’s gotta stick together – it is NO easy task!!! Good luck!!!

    • Geez, I hope so. And wow, 18 months is definitely close together. I look back and think that I would have gone crazy to have that same age split because Mia was so needy at that time and has mellowed out a lot and become more independent. But…I know we would have made it work just like everyone has to in any situation they’re put in. There are definitely pros and cons to any age difference I think. Thanks a lot for the supportive words :)

  4. Don’t worry Honey, our life hasn’t been easy and we have always rocked the S**t out of it and we will do just that in 5 weeks and 5 years. I LOVE YOU!

  5. Your hair looks so beautiful and I love that dress. How I wish I could be outside in a short sleeved dress right now… I envy your weather so so much. I find being a single mom to be pretty easy and I’m happy you found it the same, haha. Your routine will be thrown way off with this new baby, but you’ll get back in the groove super fast… I just know it! You’re so strong/smart, so got this!

    • Of course everything isn’t always as it seems on the internet, but I’ve always thought that you look like you have such a grip on single parenting. You 2 girls look like you’re always having so much fun. I bet part of that comes from the fact that Lyla is such a cool kid! Things would look a whole lot different if she were cray cray ;) Thanks a lot for the support! xo

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