Bump Update // 38 Weeks



I waddle around like a penguin and I look like a turtle on its back when trying to get out of bed. Yup, I’ve taken on animal-like qualities that are far from attractive. This belly is heavy but I’d better get used to it because I plan on giving baby-wearing a good try once this babe is out. I think you kind of have to when you have a toddler running around to tend to. But, at least I’ll get to finally sleep on my belly, which was my favorite sleep position.

If you follow this blog regularly, then you may have noticed that I skipped week 37’s update. Oops. I’ve just been super busy with cleaning my house and getting it ready for baby. I did say that I was deep in the cleaning zone in my 36 week update so you may be thinking, man how dirty is your house for you to still be cleaning 2 weeks later?! Well because my “nesting” phase is still going strong I’ve been diving into organizational projects that I’ve been putting off for so long, even if they don’t have anything to do with prepping for baby. And, because I’m so pregnant I’m a lot slower than normal. I’m usually working during the first half of the day and don’t get much done in the second half, so that also explains why it’s weeks later and I’m still checking items off from my list of things to do.

In baby news, there’s not much to report. I had a doctor appointment today where I had my cervix checked and I’m at zero dilation. I was asked about the quantity of baby movements lately and because it’s decreased the doc strapped me to some monitors to check the baby’s heart rate and movement. This little one wasn’t responding as strongly as they had liked to the glass of ice water they gave me, then the glass of orange juice, then to the little vibrating buzzer that they buzzed my belly with. After about 20 minutes or so, they saw enough movement to release me back into the world.

So, we’re back to waiting patiently for any signs of baby’s arrival. Dominic had predicted that the baby would come today, but that ain’t happening. He’s now moved his prediction to March 31st (due date is April 7th). My hospital bag is packed and even though I’m still working on the house, I’m actually ready for baby to come any day now.

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  1. Amazing pictures!

  2. Soooo close! Any day now, really!

  3. I hope your baby comes soon!! You look great at 38 weeks though! :)

  4. Gorgeous photos.

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