16 Weeks Pregnant {Apple, Avocado}

My little Apple has been growing now for 16 weeks! My pre-preggo pants still fit me, but to loosen them a bit I’ve started using a rubber-band or a hair band to fasten the button to the button hole. Just like my baby phone app said, my nose has been stuffy all week. I’m feeling pretty great….no more nausea (or slight and quick sensation) and I’m more energetic. My appetite is about 80% back to normal!  Food and I are {Read More}

15 Weeks Pregnant {Navel Orange}

On Friday, my baby Orange turned 15 weeks old. Man, time is starting to fly by.  At first, I was counting the days until the next week or milestone.  But I’ve gotten used to the idea that this is a process and that it cannot be rushed, no matter how many times I look for a fast-forward button. I was SICK most of last week with a bad cough, sore throat, headaches, little sleep and was light headed often.  I even had {Read More}

14 Weeks Pregnant {Lemon}

Today, my Lemon and I are 14 weeks pregnant and I’ve read that I’m officially in my 2nd Trimester! Nausea is definitely bearable and getting better…however it still MILDLY hits me at least once a day. I think my appetite is almost back to normal.  I still have ZERO desire for chocolate (candies & bars), which used to be my ultimate weakness.  Peanut M&Ms were my favorite. I still continue to burp way too many times after every meal. IF {Read More}

13 Weeks Pregnant {Peach}

Yesterday, my Peach and I made it to 13 weeks! Nausea is continuing to slowly decrease…still hits me at some point each day, though. Food is slowly starting to become more appetizing Still easily out of breath Being on my feet/walking around for too long ends up exhausting me at the end of the day Still burping throughout the day, especially after meals I’m starting to win the battle of constipation, a wonderful side effect of pregnancy. I’m still not {Read More}

1st Trimester Testing

Monday, we had an appointment with a different doctor to screen for Down Syndrome and other birth defects.  The risk for Down syndrome increases as the age of the mother increases.  I am 28 and am not at high risk for this birth defect, but as a new parent, I’d like to do everything I can to better prepare for my baby.  A new test that examines features of the early fetus using diagnostic ultrasound, combined with the analysis of {Read More}

12 Weeks Pregnant {Plum, Lime}

The Tater-Tot and I have finally reached a milestone…12 weeks!  That’s 3 months and at the end of this week it will be the end of the 1st trimester.  I’m that much closer to feeling almost normal again.  I’m still not an obvious pregnant woman, I just have a little bloated look to me, like after you have a big meal and can’t suck it in all of the way. Not much has changed with me since my last update.  {Read More}

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