Anything BUT mellow, yellow mirror

Folks, there’s nothing like a quick and easy solution to adding a pop of color into a space. What makes that solution all the more juicier is when YOU actually make it! Well, spruce it up at least…all on your own.  Completing DIY projects gives me such a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.  I’m even more proud of myself about this particular project because this mirror cost me a measly couple of bucks at a garage sale. Let this be {Read More}

DIY Gift Wrapped Glass Doors

Do you hate clutter, like I do?  Are you not big on “displaying” things such as fancy china or random knick knacks?  Are you looking for a way to hide the mess?  I’m cool with a very select FEW collection of decor items, but it drives me crazy to see ALL of my things out in the open.  It makes my space feel too busy and, cluttered…like I said.  Well, we’ve got this big ol’ china cabinet that we got {Read More}

Lamp Revamp

Hello, crafty DIY’ers!  I’ve got another super simple project for ya.  I’ve been gathering a lot of inspirations lately from watching The Nate Berkus Show, as I mentioned in DIY Vase Painting.  Great show…bursting with ideas. Since we’ve moved into our house (rental), I’ve slowly (thanks to the baby) been trying to create color and personality in each room.  The thing is, when you take a look around in here, there’s no telling what color scheme each room is supposed {Read More}

DIY Vase Painting

This could very well be THE simplest paint project in existence.  I got this idea from the Nate Berkus Show on NBC 4 (click HERE to find out where it’s airing near you!).  I record this series since I can’t possibly guarantee I’ll be sitting in front of my TV everyday at 3pm.  I have to say, I LOVE his show.  Not only his he easy on the eyes, but man he’s got so many great design/decor ideas and a {Read More}

Our FIRST Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day! We were so thrilled and blessed to have celebrated our very 1st one on Sunday.  This whole parent thing…this little precious baby…it’s amazing.  Each day gets better and brings us more love than we ever thought possible.  I’d like to take this opportunity to tell the whole world (ok, or just my 3 devoted readers out there) that my husband is such a great father!  Am I surprised?  Nope.  I knew it years ago that he would {Read More}

A Lovely Ladder

Here we have an unlikely item being used IN the home rather than OUT of the home.  I think this is really interesting and creative way to create some decorative storage in your home.  I’ll be keeping my eye open for an old ladder such as this along with a few vent grates for the shelves.  All that’s left is painting it the color of your choice.  How simple is that?! This idea comes from Better Homes and Gardens. Don’t {Read More}

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