I just came across this super cute, clever and easy little DIY project!  I showed it to my husband and said, “Aw, I wish we had a boy so I could make this for him.”  Dominic says, “Um, why can’t you make it for Mia?”  Duh!  Mia can totally rock a purple or pink dinosaur hoodie!  Dominic would like to add…or green, or orange, or blue, or red… :) I originally found this idea from an inspiring little blog, probably {Read More}

Pretty Purple Project

I mentioned in the post, 39 Weeks Pregnant, that Daddy Dominic beautifully painted a dresser for Mia.  A week and a half ago, this is what our Saturday afternoon looked like.  I sat outside nearby to see just how a project like this is done.  My mom actually found this dresser at a garage sale and bought it for us for the price of $30 (I think).  Not bad.  I love garage sales! I really do love having a handy-man {Read More}

Alphabet Magnets DIY

Oh, what a darling DIY craft we have here! Head on over to this blog, Chez Beeper Bebe, for more pics and to download the tutorial on making these plush alphabet magnets. I’ve only been sewing some simple quilts until now.  I’m excited for more sewing challenges.  After all, isn’t that what domestic mothers and wives (uh, fiances) do all day?  I better get busy. Please vote for my site by clicking HERE

I Love Lamp…

I came across an old wooden lamp that I used to have in my bedroom years ago.  I’m not crazy about its look now, but instead of tossing it, I know I can give it another go with a new coat of paint and a different shade.  I found this great redo at Apartment Therapy.                Check out the details here.  

The SWEET Gender Reveal!

About a month ago, we had an appointment with my physician and she told us she was about 70% sure that Dominic and I were having a baby GIRL! She said it was still early to be certain, but she couldn’t find a little “rocket ship.” Two weeks later at our next appointment with a different doctor (who has better 3D sonogram equipment), he confirmed to us that we are having a girl.  I’m thrilled! Funny thing, for the past year or {Read More}

Halloween Inspiration

Usually, a post like this should be up before the holiday.  I came across some pretty creative ideas that I think are better shared late than never.  Enjoy a little overdue Halloween Inspiration. No Halloween is complete without some spooky and delicious treats! Click here at Tidy Mom for more pictures and steps on how she made these festive cupcakes.  I love baking, and these cupcakes seem pretty simple. Another thing I love (and I must say, am pretty good at)…crafts!  I found this great and {Read More}

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