Tooth-Breaking News!!

Mommy discovered something when she was at grandma’s house picking up Mia. Mia has her first tooth poking through. :) *written by Daddy Dom on 10/11/12 ———————————————————————————– Daddy Dom was SO excited about the discovery of Mia’s first tooth, he didn’t even give me the chance to post about it, yet! Actually, I didn’t even know he posted about it until I was gettin’ comfy in bed last night and checking the site a final time before off to dream {Read More}

Baby’s first laugh session: Video {FAVORITE!}

How amazingly wonderful, super sweet!  Our baby has yet another milestone to share with you, at 3 months and 2 days old!  I’ve mentioned that Mia has had her first “laugh”.  Up until last night, it’s only been a sweet little giggle lasting maybe 5 seconds.  I think it was 2 days ago that she laughed a bit longer.  Last night….the best laughing session yet!  I’m so glad that both Dominic and I were there to witness this. Here’s the {Read More}

Banana-rama! {FAVORITE!}

Mmmmmm….one of my FAVORITE treats to bake!  I give you…Banana Espresso Chocolate Chip Muffins :)  This recipe comes from one of my best cookbooks called BAKED: New Frontiers in Baking, by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito.  These 2 guys had advertising careers which they ditched to open up their dream bakery, Baked, in Brooklyn, NY. Recipe Ingredients: 1  1/2 cups mashed, very ripe bananas (about 4 medium bananas) 1/2 cup sugar 1/4 cup firmly packed light brown sugar (I like {Read More}

Baby got “Back ‘N Bellly” {FAVORITE!}

* FAVORITE thing to cuddle/sleep with! * As you pregnant gals know, and you future preggers will know…being pregnant isn’t the most comfortable situation to be in.  I’m 25 1/2 weeks along and I’ve already been introduced to some back discomfort and “pinches,” as I like to call them.  I’m at a point where they’re bearable and not painful just yet, but they’re not going away and I know will only come stronger as time goes by, and as I grow.  I’ve mentioned many {Read More}

Status Change. I’m Engaged!

What a pretty amazing Thanksgiving holiday.  I’m still basking in all of its glory.  I was given so much more to be thankful for and I cannot wait to face all of life’s surprises and challenges that are in store. Not only did Dominic and I find out a few days before Thanksgiving that we are having a baby GIRL (Mia Rose), but I was able to reveal the news to co-workers (see previous post on our sweet gender reveal) and {Read More}

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