My treadmill is my new bae (+ my workout playlist)

What’s with the word “bae”, anyway? Not gonna lie, I think it’s obnoxious. I had to look it up because I’ve been seeing it used so much lately and had no idea what it meant (since I’m now a mom of 2 and my current residence is under a rock). If I’m not mistaken, it’s short for “baby” or “babe” and is what the kids are calling their significant other these days. Puh-lease correct me if that definition is wrong {Read More}

Summer Bucket List 2015 (free printable)

What’s up, summer?! It’s hard to believe that you’re already here (first day, yesterday!). Most of us anticipate your arrival all year round and count down the days until you return to us once again. At least I know I did. Along with the glorious weather that you bring, it’s all of the fun summer activities that we can’t wait for. We’ve been daydreaming of all the fun we’ll have and of all the memories we want to make. One {Read More}

Love and Family Printables {Free Friday}

Happy Free Friday, folks! And a happy birthday to me! I’m celebrating by baking my favorite cupcakes…red wine cupcakes! I’ll be sharing the recipe soon so stay tuned. You don’t want to miss this one. Seriously, they’re raved about and may even have their own fan club. And I know, super mellow with the birthday plans, right? Birthdays don’t seem like such a big deal after you have a kid (or maybe it’s after you turn 30? Eh, that’s probably {Read More}

Dream Big Printable {Free Friday}

Happy Free Friday, folks! It is down pouring with a side of strong winds here in southern California this morning and is supposed to last until tomorrow. Thank you, rain Gods! We desperately need this rain. It’s actually scary how badly we need it. I wish all of you a lovely weekend. No plans for us here, given the weather. I predict cleaning, organizing, more cleaning and hopefully more painting of our living room (white, btw). To access your free {Read More}

Dramarama Printable {Free Friday}

Welcome to “Free Friday”, where you’ll find yourself a free printable for your own personal use. All you need to do is click on the link below the printable, followed by clicking the same link on the following page, to get to the goods on the print friendly page. Enjoy! printable link: dramarama This 5″x7″ printable comes from the lyrics of “Anything” by Dramarama, one of my favorite songs. Enjoy. In other news, I think it’s about time to announce {Read More}

Leave a Little Sparkle Printable {Free Friday}

Here’s a little something to make your Friday sparkle a bit more. To access your free printable, find the link beneath each print and click it. You will be directed to a second page where you’ll find the same link in the body of the post. Clicking it again will take you to the print friendly page! Oh, and please use these for personal use only. 8″x10″ pink version: pink sparkle quote 8″x10″ grey version: grey sparkle quote Thanks, and {Read More}

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