Tenaciously 22 Months Old

 “We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.” ~Stacia Tauscher And that someone that my daughter is today is a vivacious, strong willed, humorous, beautiful little person. Her tenacious spirit is what directs her through most of her days but it’s her affectionate heart that slows her down enough to appreciate the beauty that is all around. And, slows her down enough to give her Mama and Dada kisses and hugs {Read More}

124 strong…and growing {21 months old}

Today, my Mia bug-a-boo, you turn 21 months young (Eek! the idea of you turning 21 YEARS old one day just crossed my mind *enter sinking stomach feeling here*). The last time I wrote a monthly update was 3 months ago at 18 months old. You’ve developed a lot since then and recalling every advancement you’ve made is an almost impossible task. Well, maybe it’s possible but way too time consuming so I’m not going to try. Instead, how about {Read More}

{sweet} sixteen months old

My Mia turned 16 months old yesterday. In the blink of an eye, that title will just read “sweet sixteen.” I wish I could bottle up my sweet 16 month old child, for the sake of never forgetting her at 16 months old. I hope to always remember how sweet her hair smells, how silky her skin feels, how squishy her baby chubs are (what’s left of them), how heavenly her giggles sound and how quick a smile from her {Read More}

LIFE: 11 Months {VIDEO included}

Hi, Mia Moo! (I’ve been calling you that a lot, lately).     Today, you are 11 months old. Only one more month until you’re a whole year! The preparations have begun for your big day. Mommy has been busy trying to plan your birthday. I’ve been collecting all kinds of ideas for decorations, recipes, games and photos to make the day extra special for our family and friends. On one hand, I can’t wait for your 1st birthday to celebrate {Read More}

LIFE: 10 Months

My lovely Mia, You turned 10 months old two days ago and I believe there’s a trend going on here. Again, I can honestly say that this month has been the BEST one yet. I just love how each month brings so many new “firsts” and developments. You’re learning so much, so fast. Mommy and Daddy are so impressed with you and in awe of all that you are. Proud parents right here. Food Fetish You’re still drinking about 4-6 {Read More}

LIFE: 9 Months

My lovely Mia, Today, you are 9 months old! Only another 5 days and you will have been outside of Mommy’s tummy for as long as you were inside Mommy’s tummy. Wild, right? Crazy how fast life goes by when a little person gets thrown into the mix. We’re all holding on tight for the ride, though. Food Fetish It’s funny to read back on the 8th month letter I wrote to you. I mentioned how we had just introduced {Read More}

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