“Summer Bucket List” check-off #4: The Aquarium of the Pacific

The next time you’re sitting at home on a Sunday morning and you and your significant other are debating whether or not you’d like to spend your day chilling and relaxing (aka chillaxing) at home or spend your day making memories in the world…go with the latter. That was the husband and I this weekend. Part of us just wanted to be lazy and pretty much dominate the sofa in front of the TV all day and part of us {Read More}

“Summer Bucket List” check-off #3: Water Park Fun!

And just like that, our 3rd item has been checked off of our summer bucket list. Last week, I took Mia to a small water park on her day off from preschool. Now when I say water park, it’s pretty much the size of a large playground, but in a calf-deep pool with lots of water features and waterfalls. It’s located at the Santa Clarita Aquatic Center and is the perfect size for my water loving two year old. These {Read More}

“Summer Bucket List” check-off #2: Family Hike

It was a spontaneous, quick hike that began with an unexpected phone call from Daddy Dom with news that he was ending work early and was down to meet me at one of our favorite hiking spots. Twenty-five minutes later, Mia and I were appropriately dressed and were headed out of the door with two big dogs on our way to check off our 2nd item off of our summer bucket list. We went on our first family hike of {Read More}

“Summer Bucket List” check-off #1: Kidspace

This is our first summer with a “bucket list”. I posted all of the fun goals we’d like to check off over the next few months, HERE. I’m not working this summer (I know, I’ve mentioned this a dozen times already, I’m excited #sorrynotsorry) which makes the completion of these goals look pretty promising. Just into week two and I’ve already checked off an item. Last week, Mia and I went to Kidspace Children’s Museum with another gal pal and {Read More}

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