Mia: She celebrated her first Easter party at her preschool on Friday. They made the sweetest Easter basket (not shown) that included a few sweet treats, dyed eggs (by them) and a few other crafts they made. She has been so excited to finally bring her creation home. This year, Easter is 2 days before my due date. We’ve made zero plans for the holiday since there’s a chance we could be in the hospital or have just returned home {Read More}


Mia: They just don’t stop growing up! It’s like each week, she’s ready for something more “big kid”ish. She’s been ready to wear a helmet while riding her “purple bike” for some time now, but I finally found a cheap one (in perfect condition) at a consignment sale last week. It fits her perfectly. Now, she won’t ride her bike without her new helmet. Heck, she even keeps the thing on during regular outside play that doesn’t involve the bike. {Read More}


Mia: A face painter: painting smiles, one design at a time.  Mia was the perfect model for the face painter at her cousin’s 4th birthday party. There was a book of designs to choose from and Mia chose the peacock design. She loves those birds. Oh, the joy that is face paint. It’s one of those special treats that puts the purest and most genuine smile on children’s faces. At some point in time, it loses some of its appeal {Read More}


Mia: Hello, her name is Dr. Greenthumb (any Cyrpress Hill fans in the house?). This kid loves to garden! She most definitely takes after Daddy Dom in this department. I sure do like to enjoy the end result and smell/see all of the pretty flowers or gather the fresh fruit, veggies and herbs…but the planting process isn’t really my thing. I know Dominic is stoked to have Mia as his gardening side kick. She always gets excited when he brings {Read More}


*Note: this post is about 2 weeks late. I can never be current with this dang project!* Mia (& Co.): Weather has been swell the last few days here in SoCal and it’s only getting warmer over the weekend (in the 80s). I’ve been spending many late afternoons/evenings in the backyard with these hooligans. Mia rides laps around our pool (shown in last week’s portrait) and she plays “keep away” with the dogs’ tennis ball. After teasing them for awhile, {Read More}


Mia: Her “purple bike” was handed down to us by a friend months ago. Daddy Dom and I tried introducing it to her countless times. We’d mention the bike to her almost every time we went into the backyard to play and she would turn it down each time. She really did have zero interest in the thing, wouldn’t even touch it. Now, I’d say for the past few weeks, she doesn’t want to get off of it. Every single {Read More}

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