This week, I couldn’t choose just one portrait of my bebes to feature. These came from a little photo session I did on my own this week (you can see the rest of the photos HERE), and these two just captured the sweetness of Mia and her little brother/sister so well. The baby isn’t even here yet and already he/she is closely bonded to his/her big sister. I can’t wait to see them interact in person but we all have {Read More}


Mia: “I love you, shish (fish) tank.” She loves everything, these days. From her toys, waffles, cashews, the dogs, her books, my baby bump, my hair, her baths, her school, her “Mama” and “Daddy-O”…she loves it all and expresses her love on the daily. If I ever say, “I love ___”, she always follows up with “Me too!” (no matter what the item). She’s such a little affectionate being, it’s the sweetest thing to be around. She tells me all {Read More}


Mia: So I tried to take the below photo of myself while Mia was awake and enjoying some cartoons on the couch. I had almost wrapped up my little session when she came wandering over to see what I was doing. At first, she was a little bothered that I was using her rug that belongs in her room. Then, she asked me to put her “Elsa Anna Dress” on her. (Side note: Speaking of Elsa and Anna, Mia never {Read More}


Mia: My little nature bug is taking in the scenery, overlooking Snow Canyon on our trip in Utah over the weekend. We made our very first trip there to visit my parents since they had moved there a little less than a month ago. I posted about our trip (full of photos, too) HERE. Oh my, was this place beautiful. The hike started off rocky (no pun intended), but this kid ended up loving it as much as the rest {Read More}


Mia & Baby: Yeah, I know I’m cheating a little here. Not only is this an image from my Instagram feed and taken with my phone, but it’s a “twofer”. Two kids in one (which I actually really like and want to try capture more). This week was uneventful in the picture taking department, mainly because Mia was sick. She stayed home from school with me all week. She’s getting a much needed bath, enjoying the warmth of the water {Read More}


Mia: Such a little ham. As a parent it’s a pretty special thing, to discover over time, some of your own passions and interests develop in your child. If you know me, you know I’m creative and love to express that through art, crafts, photography, etc. Mia loves to paint and shows such attention to detail with each project. I’ve never seen her sit still at the table like she does when she paints. Proof it can actually happen. Baby: {Read More}

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