Our new year comes with a loss

I’m just going to get down to it. I’m NOT crazy about the start of this new year. Yes, I’m positive that there are great things in store for me and my family (um, hello…I’m giving birth to our 2nd child in about 3 more months!) and I’ll get around to a more uplifting “New Year” post that includes all of that….but at the moment I can’t help but to think that life as we knew it, will never be {Read More}

Taking a risk for a greater harvest

This quote really rings true for me during this particular crossroad in my life, professionally and financially speaking. I’ve very recently (almost two weeks ago) made the decision (after much discussion with my husband) to leave my previous job that I’ve had for the past 13 years to work at home for the family business. This is a move that my husband has encouraged me to make for the past few years, but because I had been at my previous {Read More}

I Confess. I Celebrate (Daily)…

…my single cup of coffee, first thing in the morning. Seriously, I look forward to this moment the night before while I’m getting ready for bed! Oh, it’s so good when it hits your lips. …the peaceful and quiet me time that I get almost every morning before Mia wakes up around 8:30-9:00am. Not only do I get to enjoy my coffee (mentioned above) but I usually will check my email, take care of any bills and read through my {Read More}

Ways we beat the summer heat

The heat is on over here in sunny southern California. I’ll admit, I’m not the biggest fan of heat but I don’t want to let that keep me indoors all summer long to avoid it. I want Mia to have plenty of fun in the sun without overheating, so naturally we’ve been gravitating towards anything and everything to do with water. Here’s a look into some ways we’ve been trying to beat the summer heat while getting every ounce of {Read More}

Shine from good thoughts

*That’s me and my sunbeams*  Body image. I bet after reading those two little words, a lot of you had a rush of negative thoughts pop up into your critical little heads, no? Just me? For years (and currently), I’ve struggled with having a positive body image for myself. I’m not a naturally thin person, unlike my brother who can eat almost anything and everything all day long and still looks like he works out (which he doesn’t). Not fair, {Read More}

Yelling at a bud, won’t make it bloom

 image is mine // quote source  “Yelling at a bud, won’t make it bloom.” I came across this quote recently and it touched a nerve. The reason for that is because I am guilty of yelling at my 2 year old daughter. This confession is probably a common one for a lot of parents (or am I alone?), especially for those who have children ages two and up. But, just because it’s common does not make it right or excusable {Read More}

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