Toddler Eats: Lunch

This here is one of Mia’s typical lunches: fruit (apple), olives (her favorite), avocado, tomato (from our garden), cheese stick (cubed), and deli meat (turkey). I don’t have to cut up her food (diced and sliced and cubed), but she eats a lot faster and better for me when I do. Sorry, but a half an hour lunch is already pushing it for me and this method allows me to pop “baby bites” (as she calls them) into her mouth {Read More}

Toddler Eats: Breakfast

This is the first of a new series of posts that will include a photo or two of what Mia (my two year old) eats. This subject is nothing new to the mama blogging world, but it’s new here. It’s also not the most intriguing series but I know that I always take note of what other kids are eating when I see posts like these. I like to get more ideas on meals and snacks to feed my daughter. {Read More}

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