Pregnancy: Another chance to get it right

*I’d like to preface this post with letting all you new blogworms know that all photos below are a flashback from about a year ago when I was pregnant with my now almost 9 month old daughter. I am currently not pregnant* I’ve been thinking about having a second baby. Both Grandmas…sit back down, recompose yourself, don’t panic and let me explain further. I’m not thinking about having a second baby right now. We’re nowhere near ready for that. Yikes. {Read More}

Mia Rose: Her Birth Story

On the 5th morning past my baby’s due date, I partially woke up in the middle of the night from the sensation that I was…leaking. As many of you mothers or pregnant ladies know, that feeling is the norm during pregnancy. I gave props to myself for remembering to put a pad on before going to bed that night and then went back to sleep. I woke up again around 6am for a potty break that just couldn’t wait until {Read More}

Fifth day??

Sorry we deprived you of a post yesterday. We check into the hospital around 8:15a.m. Long story short, misty gave birth at 10:55 pm to our 8lb. 4oz. 21″ beautiful healthy baby girl. Misty is healing and we all get to go home tomorrow afternoon. Once we get home and settled down misty will write up a birth story and update you all with the last few days adventures, Dr. Visit, Roxi getting checked back into ASG and Fridays adventure. {Read More}

4th day overdue…

We had a 9:15am doctor’s appointment today.  I woke up at 6:30am, as I do every morning to give the dog her meds, and had a realization.  This could be the last time I’m home before checking into the hospital…and I’m not done cleaning!  Chances are, we’ll be needing someone to stay at our house to dog-sit Roxi while we’re in the hospital, and this house isn’t up to code for a house guest just yet.  I went into full {Read More}

3rd Day Overdue…

You’re a smart crowd.  From the title alone, you can see that “THE” Salad did NOT put me into labor.  I really didn’t think it would, honestly.  But hey, why not give it a try, right?  Got nothin’ to lose.  So here’s the famous maternity greens from Caioti Pizza Cafe…with a side of their garlic rolls. Dominic ordered their Salsiccia pizza.  Our review:  we were NOT impressed.  In fact, we wouldn’t go back. My salad was decent until halfway through {Read More}

2nd day overdue…with more dressing, please

It’s the 2nd day past Mia’s due date.  Nothing new to report.  She’s mellowed out a little, but still moves around here and there.  Some of her movements send a quick, sharp pain or tingle down into my….um, lady part.  It’s not comfortable.  Like the leg “zingers” I was feeling a few days ago, I think she’s just pressing on my cervix and triggering certain nerve endings.  Today, I’ve managed to do dishes, clean up the kitchen, stay on top {Read More}

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