Check The Board {How we maintain daily order}

When there’s a million and one things on a parent’s mind, it gets tough to keep track of when the last time your kid had a nap and how long they napped for and when they last ate and how much they ate. Keeping a schedule each day is nearly impossible for me to do with the new “baby brain” I brought home from the hospital, along with my new baby when she was born. I used to keep a notepad and carry it and a pencil around with me everywhere I went to write it all down in. Now, we use a chalkboard that’s hung on a wall in the middle of our house. It wasn’t originally purchased with the intent of using it for the baby’s schedule, but it’s become such a convenient and easy way to record it for both Mommy and Daddy. Now we’re all on the same page. This board gives us just a little more peace of mind, freeing us from storing any more information in our sleep deprived brains than is necessary.


We bought this one from IKEA before I had Pinterest and found tons of ideas on DIY chalkboard projects. With the use of chalkboard paint being so trendy right now, I’m sure you can come up with some pretty cute and clever ideas to bring something like this into your home for next to nothing.

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